1914–15 Yorkshire Cup

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1914–15 Yorkshire Cup
Structure Regional knockout championship
Teams 13
Winners Huddersfield
Runners-up Hull

The 1914–15 Yorkshire Cup was the tenth occasion on which the Yorkshire Cup competition, a Rugby league competition, was held.

This year's competition was again the turn of the previous cup holder, Huddersfield, winning the trophy by beating Hull F.C. by the score of 31-0
The match was played at Headingley, Leeds, now in West Yorkshire. The attendance was 12,000 and receipts were £422
This was Huddersfield's fifth appearance of what would be seven appearances in eight consecutive finals between 1909 and 1919 (which included four successive victories and six in total.) It was also the second of the four consecutive wins.


Britain had declared war on Germany on 4 August 1914 after they had attacked Luxemburg, Belgium and France. A month later the season proper started against this backdrop. The Yorkshire Cup competition started in October and it was to be the last until the end of the war. Tensions had been building across Britain and the rest of Europe for some time, but, despite this, the 1914–1915 season was played to its conclusion, albeit in some cases a little half-heartedly as evidenced in the lower attendances at matches and with several teams absent and many players already enlisted in the Armed Forces. In the middle of 1915 competitive sporting competition was finally suspended. This season there were no junior/amateur clubs taking part, no new entants and no "leavers" and so the total of entries remained the same at thirteen. This in turn resulted in three byes in the first round.

Competition and Results[1][2][edit]

Round 1[edit]

Involved 5 matches (with three byes) and 13 Clubs

Game No Fixture Date Home Team Score Away Team Venue Att Rec Notes Ref
1 Sat 17 Oct 1914 Batley 5-0 Dewsbury Mount Pleasant
2 Sat 17 Oct 1914 Bramley 0-25 Halifax Barley Mow
3 Sat 17 Oct 1914 Hull Kingston Rovers 10-5 Wakefield Trinity Craven Street (off Holderness Road)
4 Sat 17 Oct 1914 Leeds 11-13 Hunslet Headingley
5 Sat 17 Oct 1914 York 13-24 Huddersfield Clarence Street
6 Bradford Northern bye
7 Hull bye [3]
8 Keighley bye

Round 2 - Quarter Finals[edit]

Involved 4 matches and 8 Clubs

Game No Fixture Date Home Team Score Away Team Venue Att Rec Notes Ref
1 Sat 31 Oct 1914 Batley 2-0 Bradford Northern Mount Pleasant
2 Sat 31 Oct 1914 Halifax 8-8 Huddersfield Thrum Hall 1
3 Sat 31 Oct 1914 Hull 11-5 Hull Kingston Rovers Boulevard [3]
4 Sat 31 Oct 1914 Hunslet 12-7 Keighley Parkside

Round 2 - Replays[edit]

Involved 1 match and 2 Clubs

Game No Fixture Date Home Team Score Away Team Venue Att Rec Notes Ref
R Thu 05 Nov 1914 Halifax 2-10 Huddersfield Thrum Hall

Round 3 – Semi-Finals[edit]

Involved 2 matches and 4 Clubs

Game No Fixture Date Home Team Score Away Team Venue Att Rec Notes Ref
1 Sat 14 Nov 1914 Huddersfield 64-3 Hunslet Fartown
2 Sat 14 Nov 1914 Hull 7-0 Batley Boulevard [3]


Game No Fixture Date Home Team Score Away Team Venue Att Rec Notes Ref
Saturday 28 November 1914 Huddersfield 31-0 Hull Headingley 12000 422 2 3 [3][4][5]

Teams and Scorers[6][edit]

Huddersfield Hull
actual position unsure teams
Major Holland 1
Albert "Rozzi" Rosenfeld 2
Harold Wagstaff 3
Johnny Rogers 4
Stan Moorhouse 5
Billy Banks 7
Douglas Clark 9
Todd ?
?? Coach Sid Melville (trainer)
31 score 0
15 HT 0
Harold Wagstaff (2) T
Stan Moorhouse (1) T
Billy Banks (1) T
Todd (1) T
Albert "Rozzi" Rosenfeld (1) T
Johnny Rogers (1) T
Major Holland (5) G
Referee unknown

Scoring - Try = three (3) points - Goal = two (2) points - Drop goal = two (2) points

The road to success[edit]

First Round Second Round Semi Finals Final
Bramley 0
Halifax 25
Halifax 2
Huddersfield 10
York 13
Huddersfield 24
Huddersfield 64
Hunslet 3
Leeds 11
Hunslet 13
Hunslet 12
Keighley 7
Huddersfield 31
Hull 0
Hull 11
Hull Kingston Rovers 5
Hull Kingston Rovers 10
Wakefield Trinity 5
Hull 7
Batley 0
Batley 5
Dewsbury 0
Batley 2
Bradford Northern 0
Bradford Northern

Notes and comments[edit]

1 * Match abandoned after 50 minutes due to fog
2 * The never to be beaten record widest margin victory in a final
3 * Headingley, Leeds, is the home ground of Leeds RLFC with a capacity of 21,000. The record attendance was 40,175 for a league match between Leeds and Bradford Northern on 21 May 1947.

General information for those unfamiliar[edit]

The Rugby League Yorkshire Cup competition was a knock-out competition between (mainly professional) rugby league clubs from the county of Yorkshire. The actual area was at times increased to encompass other teams from outside the county such as Newcastle, Mansfield, Coventry, and even London (in the form of Acton & Willesden.
The Rugby League season always (until the onset of "Summer Rugby" in 1996) ran from around August-time through to around May-time and this competition always took place early in the season, in the Autumn, with the final taking place in (or just before) December (The only exception to this was when disruption of the fixture list was caused during, and immediately after, the two World Wars).

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