1914 All-Western college football team

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The 1914 All-Western college football team consists of American football players selected to the All-Western teams chosen by various selectors for the 1914 college football season.

All-Western selections[edit]


  • Perry Graves, Illinois (CC, CON, DJ, FM-1, GH, HP, LGS, SC)
  • Boyd Cherry, Ohio State (CC, CON, DJ, FC, FM-1, GH, WE-2, WW)
  • Blake Miller, Michigan Agricultural (FC, HP, LA, WE-1)
  • George K. Squier, Illinois (FM-2, WW)
  • Bert Baston, Minnesota (SC) (CFHOF)
  • Allen Elward, Notre Dame (WE-2)
  • Arthur H. Gunderson, Iowa (FM-2)


  • Vic Halligan, Nebraska (CC, CON, DJ, FM-1, GH, HP, LA, LGS, SC, WE-1, WW)
  • Cub Buck, Wisconsin (CC, CON, LA [guard], LGS, SC, WE-1)
  • William D. Cochran, Michigan (FC, HP, WE-2)
  • Laurens Shull, Chicago (FC, FM-2, LA)
  • Ray Keeler, Wisconsin (FM-1, LA [guard])
  • Butler (?), Wisconsin (DJ)
  • Jim Copley, Missouri Mines (WW)
  • Walter Essman, Christian Brothers (GH)
  • Lennox F. Armstrong, Illinois (FM-2, WE-2)


  • Ralph Chapman, Illinois (CC, CON, DJ, FC, FM-1, GH, HP, LGS, SC, WE-1)
  • H. B. Routh, Purdue (CC, CON, FM-2, GH, SC, WE-1, WW)
  • Arlie Mucks, Wisconsin (DJ, FC, FM-1, HP, WE-2)
  • Charlie Bachman, Notre Dame (LGS) (CFHOF)
  • Boles Rosenthal, Minnesota (FM-2 [center], WE-2)
  • Emmett Keefe, Notre Dame (FM-2)


  • Paul Des Jardien, Chicago (CC, CON, DJ, FC, FM-1, GH, LA, LGS, SC, WE-1, WW [guard]) (CFHOF)
  • James Raynsford, Michigan (HP, WE-2)
  • John W. Watson, Illinois (WW)



  • John Maulbetsch, Michigan (CC, CON, DJ, FC, FM-1, GH, HP, LA, LGS [fullback], SC, WE-1, WW) (CFHOF)
  • Harold Pogue, Illinois (CC, CON, DJ, FC, FM-1, GH, HP [fullback], LA, LGS, SC, WE-1, WW)
  • Gray, Chicago (FM-2, LGS)
  • Richard B. Rutherford, Nebraska (WE-2)
  • Wilbur Hightower, Northwestern (WE-2)
  • Guy Chamberlin, Nebraska (FM-2)


  • Lorin Solon, Minnesota (CC, CON, DJ, FM-1, GH, LA [end], LGS [end], SC, WE-1 [end], WW)
  • George E. Julian, Michigan Agricultural (FC, HP [halfback], LA, WE-1)
  • Ray Eichenlaub, Notre Dame (WE-2)
  • Eugene Schobinger, Illinois (FM-2)


Bold = consensus choice by a majority of the selectors

CC = Selections of Western coaches and critics[1]

CON = Consensus of opinion of coaches and critics compiled by E.B. Moss of the Associated Press, New York City[1]

DJ = Dick Jemison, sporting editor Atlanta Constitution[1]

FC = F. M. Church, sporting editor, The Michigan Daily[1]

FM = Frank G. Menke, sporting editor of the International News Service[2]

GH = George Henger in St. Louis Times[1]

HP = Howard Pearson, sporting editor Detroit Journal[1]

LA = Leonard Adams in Chicago Daily Journal[1]

LGS = Lambert G. Sullivan in Chicago Daily News[1]

SC = Sidney Casner, sporting editor Illinois Magazine and Daily Illini[1]

WE = Walter Eckersall[3]

WW = Wilbur Wood in St. Louis Republic[1]

CFHOF = College Football Hall of Fame

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