1914 in Afghanistan

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List of years in Afghanistan

The following lists events that happened during 1914 in Afghanistan.



The relations between the government of India and the amir continue to be cordial. Representations are made regarding serious outrages on the frontier by residents of Afghanistan and by outlaws from British territory who have taken refuge in Khost. These representations are met by the amir in the most friendly spirit, and he issues stringent orders to his officers on the frontier to deal severely with all offenders. It is reported that the Khost outlaws implicated have been arrested and sent to Kabul for trial. In his reply to the viceroy's letter, announcing the outbreak of hostilities between the United Kingdom and Turkey, the amir expresses his deep regret at the step taken by the Turkish government, and declares his firm intention to maintain a strict neutrality, and adds that he has issued a proclamation enjoining the same on all his subjects. He thus resists pressures from Mahmud Beg Tarzi, Amānullāh (Habibullah's third son, who had married Soraya, a daughter of Tarzi), and others to enter World War I on the side of the Central Powers.