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Timeline of Indian history

Events in the year 1914 in India.



  • In August India as the British colony sends troops to Europe to participate as the British fighting partner in World War I against Germany. This force was a part of the British Expeditionary Force sent to Belgium. In October they participated in the First Battle of Ypres. Soon more than 1.125 millions of Indians had volunteered to fight for Britain in the war.
  • 23 May – 376 British subjects (340 Sikhs, 12 Hindus and 24 Muslims) of Indian origin arrived at Burrard Inlet, Vancouver on May 23, 1914, from the Indian sub-continent on the ship Komagata Maru (Guru Nanak Jahaz), seeking to enter Canada. Due to the racist immigration policy of the Dominion of Canada, 352 of the passengers were denied entry and forced to depart on July 23, 1914.
  • In September a mixed division sent to East Africa; in Oct.-Nov. two divisions of infantry and a brigade of cavalry sent to Egypt; Indian forces cooperate with the Japanese at Tsingtao; Indian forces in Mesopotamia from 31 Oct.[1]
  • Simla Accord (1914), an agreement concerning the boundaries of India and Tibet


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