1915 All-Western college football team

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The 1915 All-Western college football team consists of American football players selected to the All-Western teams chosen by various selectors for the 1915 college football season.

All-Western selections[edit]


  • Bert Baston, Minnesota (Ax-1; ECP-1; S; WE-1) (CFHOF)
  • Guy Chamberlin, Nebraska (Ax-1; ECP-2, FM-1; S; WE-1) (CFHOF/PFHOF)
  • George K. Squier, Illinois (Ax-2; ECP-1, DJ, FM-1)
  • Albert J. Quist, Minnesota (Ax-2; ECP-2)
  • Blake Miller, Michigan State (DJ)


  • Cub Buck, Wisconsin (Ax-1; ECP-1, DJ [as guard], FM-1; S; WE-1)
  • Laurens Shull, Chicago (Ax-1; ECP-2, DJ, FM-1; WE-1)
  • Elmer T. Rundquist, Illinois (ECP-1)
  • Manley R. Petty, Illinois (ECP-2)
  • Vic Halligan, Nebraska (DJ)
  • Gideon Smith, Michigan Agricultural (S)
  • Ivan B. Boughton, Ohio State (Ax-2)
  • Robert H. Randolph, Northwestern (Ax-2)


  • Merton Arthur Dunnigan, Minnesota (Ax-1; ECP-1, FM-1; WE-1)
  • Freeman Fitzgerald, Notre Dame (Ax-2; FM-1; S; WE-1)
  • Frank Blocker, Purdue (Ax-1; ECP-1)
  • Fred R. Hanschmann, Illinois (ECP-2)
  • Gilbert S. Sinclair, Minnesota (ECP-2)
  • William D. Cochran, Michigan (DJ)
  • Earl Abbott, Nebraska (Ax-2; S)


  • John W. Watson, Illinois (Ax-1; ECP-1, DJ, FM-1; S; WE-1)
  • H. F. Hanson, Minnesota (ECP-2, FM-2)
  • Lyman Frimodig, Michigan Agr. (FM-3)
  • Fisher, Chicago (Ax-2)


  • Pete Russell, Chicago (Ax-1; ECP-1, DJ [as hb], FM-1; S; WE-1)
  • George Clark, Illinois (ECP-2, DJ, FM-2)
  • C. I. "Shorty" Long, Minnesota (FM-3)
  • Frank B. Whitaker, Indiana (Ax-2)




Bold = consensus choice by a majority of the selectors

Ax = G. W. Axelson of the Chicago Herald[1]

ECP = E. C. Patterson in Collier's Weekly[2]

DJ = Dick Jemison in the Atlanta Constitution.[3]

FM = Frank G. Menke of the International News Service[4]

S = Sullivan in The News of Chicago[5]

WE = Walter Eckersall of the Chicago Tribune[5]

CFHOF = College Football Hall of Fame

Bold = Consensus first-team selection by at least three of the selectors listed

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