1916–17 FC Barcelona season

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FC Barcelona
1916–17 season
President Gaspar Rosés
Manager Jack Greenwell
Catalan football championship Third

The 1916–17 season was the 18th season for FC Barcelona.

Season highlights[edit]

  • Two players debuted with the team, and left their mark: Agustin Sancho and Emilio Sagi Liñán.
  • The Garchitorena scandal exploded when FC Barcelona included a foreign player Juan Garchitorena in their lineup for the Catalan football championship, where foreigners were not allowed to play. Team RCD Espanyol claimed Torena had U.S. citizenship[1] (although in all the confusion, it was later claimed he was Argentinian), since the Philippines was a territory of the United States at that time; but they only reported it after losing to Barcelona (3-0). A redo of all the matches including this player was ordered, but the club preferred to withdraw. Garchitorena ended up getting involved with cinema, moving to Hollywood and having various liaisons, including one with actress Myrna Loy.[2]
  • On 17 June 1917 club founder Joan Gamper regained the presidency of the club for the third time.

Player roster[edit]

P Player
fb gols
GOL Lluís Bru (ca; fr) Catalonia 12 -10
GOL Francisco Conforto Spain 0
DEF Eduard Reguera (ca) Catalonia 12
DEF Template:Josep Costa Catalonia 12 5
DEF Joan Pedret Catalonia 1
DEF Lluís Tudó Catalonia 0
DEF Jack Greenwell England 0
DEF Joan Barba (ca) Catalonia 0
DEF Dimas Fernández Catalonia 0
MID Francisco Baonza (ca) Spain 12 1
MID Agustin Sancho 12 3
MID Ramón Torralba Spain 6
MID Jaume Amat (ca; es) Catalonia 5
MID Rodríguez Catalonia 3 1
MID Pere Llobet Catalonia 3 1
FWD Francesc Vinyals (ca; fr) Catalonia 11
FWD Vicenç Martínez (ca; fr) Catalonia 9 8
FWD Salvador Hormeu (ca; fr) Catalonia 10 5
FWD Augusto Ozores (ca) Puerto Rico 9
FWD Juan Garchitorena Philippines 6 2
FWD A. Castells Catalonia 5 1
FWD Francesc Serrats Catalonia 3 1
FWD Francisco Castelló Catalonia 1
FWD Ernest Rovira Catalonia 0
FWD Emilio Sagi Liñán Catalonia 0
FWD Casimir Mallorquí (ca; fr) Catalonia 0
FWD Josep Julià (ca; fr) Catalonia 0
FWD Enrique Peris (ca; fr) Catalonia 0
FWD Agustin Bó (ca) Catalonia 0
FWD Joaquim Alfaro Catalonia 0


Friendly games
Catalan championship games
  • The first six matches were counted as defeats due to illegal lineups.
Foronda Cup

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