1916 Copa del Rey

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1916 Copa del Rey
16th Copa del Rey
Country Spain Spain
Teams 3
Defending champions Athletic Bilbao
Champions Athletic Bilbao (7th title)
Runners-up Madrid FC
Matches played 5
Goals scored 30 (6 per match)

The Copa del Rey 1916 was the 16th staging of the Copa del Rey, the Spanish football cup competition.

The competition started on March 26, 1916, and concluded on May 7, 1916, with the Final, held at the Camp de la Indústria in Barcelona, in which Athletic Bilbao lifted the trophy for the 7th time ever with a 4–0 victory over Madrid FC. It was Athletic's third title in a row, and they kept the trophy in property.


Fortuna de Vigo (Champions of Galicia) and Español de Cádiz (Champions of Andalusia) did not inscribe for the tournament.


First leg[edit]

FC Barcelona 2–1 Madrid CF
Paulino Alcántara Goal 39'
Martínez Goal
Santiago Bernabéu Goal
Referee: Spain Aguirreche

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Second leg[edit]

Madrid CF 4–1 FC Barcelona
Santiago Bernabéu Goal 35' (pen.)40'60'
Juan José Petit Goal 80'
Martínez Goal 20'
Referee: Spain Montero

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FC Barcelona and Madrid CF won one match each. At that year, the Goal difference was not taken into account.

First replay[edit]

Madrid CF 6–6
FC Barcelona
Luis Belaunde Goal 2'
Santiago Bernabéu Goal
Luis Belaunde Goal
Luis Belaunde Goal 87'
Santiago Bernabéu Goal
Santiago Bernabéu Goal 118' (pen.)
Paulino Alcántara Goal
Paulino Alcántara Goal
Bau Goal
Mallorqui Goal
Paulino Alcántara Goal
Martínez Goal 115'

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Second replay[edit]

Madrid CF 4–2
(a.e.t.) [10]
FC Barcelona
Santiago Bernabéu Goal
Zabalo Goal
Sotero Aranguren Goal
Sotero Aranguren Goal 108'
Martínez Goal
Martínez Goal

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Athletic Bilbao 4–0 Madrid FC
Domingo Acedo Goal 12'
Félix Zubizarreta Goal 23'60'69'
Attendance: 6,000
Referee: Spain Francisco Bru

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Copa del Rey 1916 winners
Athletic Bilbao
7th title