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List of years in chess (table)

Events in chess in 1916

Chess events in brief[edit]

  • The 1st Isaac Rice Memorial Tournament – fourteen participants played in New York City, from January 18 to February 4, 1916. Wealthy German–American inventor Isaac Leopold Rice (1850–1915) was a lover of chess (Rice Gambit) and a patron of chess competitions. The event included two stages (preliminaries and final). The preliminaries started as a round-robin tournament. Five players qualified for the final. José Raúl Capablanca played superior chess in the preliminaries. Since the results of the preliminaries carried over into the finals, Capablanca with a 3½-point lead was a heavy favorite to win the tournament. Dawid Janowski, Boris Kostić and Abraham Kupchik tied for 2nd-4th, and Oscar Chajes took 5th place.[1] The final tournament was won by Chajes (who beat Capablanca) and Janowski, ahead of Capablanca, Kostić and Kupchik. Summary, the winner was Capablanca (+12 –1 =4), followed by Janowski 11 points, Chajes 10½ points, Kostić and Kupchik 10 points each.[2][3]






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