1917 All-Big Ten Conference football team

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The 1917 All-Big Ten Conference football team consists of American football players selected to the All-Big Ten Conference teams chosen by various selectors for the 1917 college football season.

All Big-Ten selections[edit]


  • Charles Bolen, Ohio State (BB, JV, LA, LGS, LH, PD)
  • W. M. Kelley, Wisconsin (BB, GWA, LA, LGS, PD)
  • Dwight V. Peabody, Ohio State (LH)
  • Charles Laun, Iowa (GWA)


  • George Hauser, Minnesota (BB, GWA, JV, LA, LGS, LH, PD)
  • Ray Eklund, Minnesota (BB [guard], GWA [guard], JV, LGS [guard], LH, PD)
  • Elmert T. Rundquist, Illinois (BB, GWA, LA [guard], LGS [guard])
  • Harold J. Courtney, Ohio State (LA, LGS, PD [guard])


  • Charles Higgins, Chicago (BB, GWA, LA, PD)
  • Frank Culver, Michigan (JV, LH)
  • Harry R. Shlaudeman, Illinois (JW, LH)



  • Archie Weston, Michigan (JV, LA [halfback], LGS, LH)
  • Eber Simpson, Wisconsin (BB, GWA [halfback], LA, PD)
  • Howard Yerges, Sr., Ohio State (GWA)



  • Bob Koehler, Northwestern (BB, GWA, LA, LGS, PD)
  • Higgins, Chicago (JV, LH)


Bold = consensus choice by a majority of the selectors

BB = Bill Bailey in Chicago American[1]

FM = Frank G. Menke, sporting editor of Newspaper Feature Service[1]

GWA = G. W. Axelson in Chicago Herald[1]

JV = Jack Veiock[1]

LA = Leonard Adams, football editor of Chicago Journal[1]

LGS = Lambert G. Sullivan, football editor of Chicago Daily News[1]

LH = Luther A. Huston[1]

PD = Paddy Driscoll in Chicago Examiner[1]

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