1917 in Brazil

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Events in the year 1917 in Brazil.



  • 5 April - The steamship Paraná, loaded with coffee and travelling in accordance with the demands made on neutral countries, is torpedoed by a German submarine; three Brazilians are killed.
  • 11 April - Brazil breaks off diplomatic relations with Germany.
  • 7 May - Foreign Minister Lauro Müller is obliged to resign because of his German origins.
  • 20 May - the ship Tijuca is torpedoed near the French coast by a German submarine.
  • 27 July - The steamer Lapa Brazil is hit by three torpedoes from a German submarine.
  • 23 October - The Brazilian freighter Macau, one of the vessels seized in the course of the war, was torpedoed by the German submarine SM U-93 near the coast of Spain, and the captain taken prisoner.
  • 26 October - World War I: Brazil declares war on the Central Powers.[1]
  • 1 November - A mob damages German property in Petropolis, including the restaurant Brahma (completely destroyed), the Gesellschaft Germania, the German school, the company Arp, and the German Journal.
  • 4 November - Acari Guaíba and another ship are torpedoed by the same German submarine, SM U-151.




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