1917 in Mexico

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List of years in Mexico

Events in the year 1917 in Mexico.



  • January 28 – The United States ends its search for Pancho Villa.
  • February 5 – The new and current constitution is adopted.
  • February 24 – WWI: United States ambassador to the United Kingdom, Walter H. Page, is shown the intercepted Zimmermann Telegram, in which Germany offers to give the American Southwest back to Mexico if Mexico declares war on the United States.
  • March 11 – Venustiano Carranza is elected president of Mexico; the United States gives de jure recognition of his government.
  • December 25 – Brite Ranch Raid

Notable births[edit]

  • February 28 – Ernesto Alonso, Mexican actor, director, cinematographer, and producer (died 2007)
  • May 16 – Juan Rulfo, Mexican writer (died 1986)
  • November 18 – Pedro Infante, Mexican actor and singer (died 1957)

Notable deaths[edit]


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