1918 South American Championships in Athletics (unofficial)

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Unofficial South American Championships in Athletics
Host city Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina
Date(s) May 24–26, 1918
Level Senior
Participation 3 nations
Events 17

Unofficial South American Championships in Athletics were held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 24–26, 1918. The event was entitled "Campeonato de Iniciación".[1] It was organized by the "Federación Pedestre Argentina", the predecessor of the "Federación Atlética Argentina" (founded in 1919) and the "Confederación Argentina de Atletismo" (founded in 1954), and was then representing Argentinian athletics.[2]

In a historical meeting on May 24, 1918, in the "salón de honor" (hall of fame) of the newspaper "La Razón", its director, Eloy María Prieto, together with Leopoldo Falconi, Carlos Fanta and Alfredo Betteley, representatives from Chile, and Dr. Francisco Ghigliani, representative from Uruguay, decided the foundation of the Confederación Sudamericana de Atletismo nowadays known as ConSudAtle.[3]

Medal summary[edit]

Medal winners are published.[1]


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Marcelo Uranga (CHI) 12.0  José Pozzi (ARG)  Abelardo Piovano (ARG)
200 metres  Marcelo Uranga (CHI) 24.2  Eduardo Lambierto (ARG)  Isabelino Gradín (URU)
400 metres  Isabelino Gradín (URU) 53.0  José Pozzi (ARG)  Marcelo Uranga (CHI)
800 metres  Manuel Moraga (CHI) 2:14.0  J.M. Martínez (ARG)  Juan Campos (URU)
1 Mile  Juan Jorquera (CHI) 4:37.8  Manuel Moraga (CHI)  A.R. Arriola (ARG)
Marathon*  Juan Jorquera (CHI) 3:28:04  Luis Urzua (CHI)  Ernesto Lamilla (CHI)
200 metres hurdles  Marcelo Rendic (CHI) 30.8  Carlos Bovo (ARG)  Harold Rosenqvist (CHI)
400 metres hurdles  Leopoldo Palma (CHI)  Julio Kilián (CHI)  Harold Rosenqvist (CHI)
High jump  Miguel Arigós (ARG)
 Marcelo Rendic (CHI)
1.70  Luis Groussac (ARG)
Standing high jump  Enrique Kossow (ARG) 1.45  Juan Moliné (ARG) 1.45  Luis Groussac (ARG) 1.45
Pole vault  Enrique Sansot (CHI) 3.15  Adolfo Reccius (CHI) 3.10  Héctor Berruti (URU) 3.10
Long jump  Harold Rosenqvist (CHI) 5.95  Adolfo Reccius (CHI) 5.89  E. Servetti (URU) 5.78
Standing long jump  S. Delpech (ARG) 2.905  Enrique Kossow (ARG) 2.89  Juan Moliné (ARG) 2.81
Shot put  Juan Moliné (ARG) 11.83  Miguel Arigós (ARG) 11.65  Víctor Zaragoza (URU) 11.35
Discus throw  Rodolfo Hammersley (CHI) 30.29  L. Heber (ARG) 29.93  Harold Rosenqvist (CHI) 29.57
Hammer throw  Fernando Capellini (URU) 26.70  Rodolfo Hammersley (CHI) 25.40  Carlo Heller (CHI) 20.57
4×400 metres relay  Argentina  Uruguay  Chile

* = Actual distance was 40.2 km

Medal table (unofficial)[edit]

  *   Host nation (Argentina)

1 Chile (CHI)116724
2 Argentina (ARG)*510419
3 Uruguay (URU)2158
Totals (3 nations)18171651


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