1918 in Brazil

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Events in the year 1918 in Brazil.



Brazilian Medical Mission.
  • 30 January - Ministerial Notice No. 501 is issued, establishing the Naval Division for War Operations (Divisão Naval em Operações de Guerra - DNOG).[1]
  • 1 March - Brazilian general election, 1918:[2] Former president Rodrigues Alves receives 99.1% of the vote.
  • June - The Brazilian battleship São Paulo is sent to the USA for a full refit.[3]
  • 18 August - The Brazilian Medical Mission, led by Dr. Nabuco Gouveia and directed by General Aché, is established with 86 doctors.
  • 24 September - The Brazilian Medical Mission lands at Marseilles, France, and supports the local population during a flu outbreak, ensuring the continuity of logistical support to the troops at the front.
  • 15 November - President-elect Rodrigues Alves, suffering from influenza, is unable to take office on the scheduled date, and is replaced by Vice President Delfim Moreira.




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