1919 Copa del Rey Final

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1919 Copa del Rey Final
Event 1919 Copa del Rey
After extra time
Date May 18, 1919
Venue Martínez Campos, Madrid
Referee Julián Ruete

The 1919 Copa del Rey Final was the 19th final of the Spanish cup competition, the Copa del Rey. The final was played at Martínez Campos in Madrid on May 18, 1919. Arenas de Getxo beat FC Barcelona 5–2 and won their first title ever.

Match details[edit]

Arenas Club de Getxo 5–2
FC Barcelona
Sesúmaga Goal 12'80'96'
Peña Goal 116'
Ibaibarriaga Goal 119'
Goal 38' Viñals
Goal 55' Lakatos
Referee: Julián Ruete
Arenas de Getxo
FC Barcelona
GK 1 Spain José María Jáuregui
DF 2 Spain Pedro Vallana
DF 3 Spain Domingo Careaga
MF 4 Spain Gumersindo Uriarte
MF 5 Spain José Arruza
MF 6 Spain José María Peña
FW 7 Spain Ibaibarriaga
FW 8 Spain Francisco Pagazaurtundúa
FW 9 Spain Félix Sesúmaga
FW 10 Spain Pedro Barturen
FW 11 Spain Florencio Peña
GK 1 Spain Luis Bru
DF 2 Spain Reguera
DF 3 Spain Costa
MF 4 Spain Ramón Torralba
MF 5 Spain Agustín Sancho
MF 6 Spain Blanco
FW 7 Spain Viñals
FW 8 Spain Juan Garchitorena
FW 9 Spain Vicente Martínez
FW 10 Spain Paulino Alcántara
FW 11 Spain José Landazábal "Lakatos"
England Jack Greenwell
Copa del Rey
1919 winners
Arenas de Getxo
First title