1919 News of the World Match Play

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1919 News of the World Match Play
Tournament information
Dates29 September – 2 October 1919
LocationWalton-on-the-Hill, Surrey, England
Course(s)Walton Heath Golf Club
Organised byThe PGA
FormatMatch play – 18 holes
(Final 36 holes)
Field64 players
Prize fund£590
Winner's share£100
England Abe Mitchell
def. George Duncan 1 up
← 1913
1920 →
Walton Heath Golf Club is located in England
Walton Heath Golf Club
Walton Heath Golf Club
Location in England

The 1919 News of the World Match Play was the twelfth News of the World Match Play tournament. It was played from Monday 29 September to Thursday 2 October at Walton Heath Golf Club. 64 players competed in a straight knock-out competition, with each match contested over 18 holes, except for the final which was over 36 holes. The winner received £100 out of a total prize fund of £590. Abe Mitchell defeated George Duncan by 1 hole in the final to win the tournament. It was Mitchell's first appearance in the event.

The event coincided with a rail strike which started on 27 September. The P.G.A. initially decided to postpone the event but, with most of the competitors having already arrived in the area, later decided to carry on with the original arrangements.[1] In the end, 6 of the 64 qualifiers did not compete.


Qualification was by a series of 36-hole stroke-play competitions; one for each of the eight PGA sections. The Southern section had 26 qualifiers, the Northern section 12, the Midland section 10, the Scottish section 5, the Welsh and West of England sections 4, the Eastern section 2 and the Irish section 1. The Southern section was played over two days. In the event of a tie for places there was a playoff.

Qualifying events:

The qualifiers were:

None of the Great Triumvirate qualified.


It was decided in July that the number of qualifiers would be increased from 32 to 64 and the "News of the World" agreed to increase the prize money.[7] Matches were over 18 holes except for the final which was over 36 holes. Extra holes were played in the event of a tied match. The event was extended from three to four days with one round played on the first day, two rounds on the second and third days and the final on the fourth day.



First round
29 September

Second round
30 September
  Third round
30 September
  Fourth round
1 October
1 October
2 October
England Alf Baker    
England George Gadd 19h     England George Gadd    
Scotland Harry Fernie     England Hugh Roberts 19h  
England Hugh Roberts 6&5       England Hugh Roberts    
Jersey Jack Gaudin 3&1       England Peter Rainford 19h  
England William Horne       Jersey Jack Gaudin  
England Arthur Mitchell     England Peter Rainford 3&2  
England Peter Rainford 3&2       England Peter Rainford    
Scotland Ralph Smith         Scotland George Duncan 5&4  
Scotland George Duncan 6&5     Scotland George Duncan 19h  
Scotland Laurie Ayton, Snr 4&3   Scotland Laurie Ayton, Snr    
England Bert Weastell         Scotland George Duncan 19h
England Sam Whiting 3&1       England Sam Whiting    
England James Adwick       England Sam Whiting 6&5
England Dick May 3&2   England Dick May    
England Harry Ball         Scotland George Duncan  
England Ernest Riseborough 4&2       England Abe Mitchell 1up
England Reg Wilson       England Ernest Riseborough    
England Tom Williamson 2up   England Tom Williamson 5&3  
England Charles Mayo         England Tom Williamson    
England Josh Taylor 2&1       England Fred Robson 3&2  
Scotland Tom Grant       England Josh Taylor  
England Fred Robson 3&2   England Fred Robson 6&5  
England Fred Leach         England Fred Robson  
England Eric Bannister         England Abe Mitchell 6&4  
England Syd Wingate 1up     England Syd Wingate    
England Arthur Havers     England Rowland Jones 4&3  
England Rowland Jones 2up       England Rowland Jones  
England Abe Mitchell 1up       England Abe Mitchell 20h  
England Bert Seymour       England Abe Mitchell 2&1
England Charles Johns 5&4   England Charles Johns    
England James Scarth    

Prize money[edit]

The winner received £100 and a gold medal, the runner-up received £40 and a silver medal, losing semi-finalists £20 and a bronze medal, losing quarter-finalists £12 10s, third round losers £10, second round losers £7 10s and first round losers £5.


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