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List of years in motorsport

The following is an overview of the events of 1919 in motorsport including the major racing events, motorsport venues that were opened and closed during a year, championships and non-championship events that were established and disestablished in a year, births and deaths of racing drivers and other motorsport people.

Annual events[edit]

The calendar includes only annual major non-championship events or annual events that had own significance separate from the championship. For the dates of the championship events see related season articles.

Date Event Ref
31 May 7th Indianapolis 500 [1]
23 November 10th Targa Florio [2]


Date Month Name Nationality Occupation Note Ref
24 August Dries van der Lof Dutch Racing driver One of the first Dutch Formula One drivers. [3]
2 October Jan Flinterman Dutch Racing driver One of the first Dutch Formula One drivers. [4]


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