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Cardinal one hundred ninety-one
Ordinal 191st
(one hundred ninety-first)
Factorization prime
Prime yes
Greek numeral ΡϞΑ´
Roman numeral CXCI
Binary 101111112
Ternary 210023
Quaternary 23334
Quinary 12315
Senary 5156
Octal 2778
Duodecimal 13B12
Hexadecimal BF16
Vigesimal 9B20
Base 36 5B36

191 (one hundred [and] ninety-one) is the natural number following 190 and preceding 192.

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  • RD-191, a Russian high performance single-combustion chamber rocket engine
  • 191st Street (IRT Broadway – Seventh Avenue Line), a New York City Subway station at St. Nicholas Avenue in Manhattan served by the 1 train
  • At least five known plane crashes have involved flights numbered 191; as a result, the number is considered unlucky in the airline industry and has been withdrawn from use in some airlines

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