1920 All-Big Ten Conference football team

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The 1920 All-Big Ten Conference football team consists of American football players selected to the All-Big Ten Conference teams chosen by various selectors for the 1920 Big Ten Conference football season.

All Big-Ten selections[edit]


  • Chuck Carney, Illinois (CSM, DL, EA, ECP-1, EOS, HB, HJ, HMD, JW, MM, PD, RA, TL, WE-1)
  • Frank Weston, Wisconsin (DL, EA, ECP-1, EOS, FH, FM, HB, JW, PD, RA, TL, WE-1)
  • Lester Belding, Iowa (CSM, ECP-2, FM, HJ, MM)
  • Frank Hanny, Indiana (FH)
  • Gus Eckberg, Minnesota (HMD)


  • Iolas Huffman, Ohio State (CSM, DL, EA, ECP-1, FH, FM [guard], HJ, JW, PD, RA, TL)
  • Angus Goetz, Michigan (DL, EA [guard], HB, JW, MM, PD, RA, TL)
  • Duke Slater, Iowa (EA, ECP-2, EOS, HB, HJ, HMD, WE-1)
  • Ralph Scott, Wisconsin (ECP-1, FH, MM)
  • Elliot C. Risley, Indiana (EOS, MM [guard])
  • Elton Wieman, Michigan (FM)
  • Jackson, Chicago (CSM)


  • Tarzan Taylor, Ohio State (DL, EA, ECP-2, FH, HB, HMD [tackle], JW, PD, RA, TL)
  • Robert J. Dunne, Michigan (CSM, EOS, FH, HMD, PD)
  • Charles McGuire, Chicago (CSM, ECP-2 [tackle], FM [tackle], HJ, MM, WE-1 [tackle])
  • Festus Tierney, Minnesota (HB, RA, WE-1)
  • William G. McCaw, Indiana (EOS, FM)
  • George C. Bunge, Wisconsin (DL, ECP-1)
  • Dean W. Trott, Ohio State (ECP-1)
  • Albert W. T. Mohr, Jr., Illinois (HJ)
  • James Brader, Wisconsin (ECP-2)
  • Harry Margoles, Wisconsin (HMD)
  • Graham Penfield, Northwestern (TL, WE-1)


  • Jack Depler, Illinois (CSM, DL, EA, ECP-1, EOS, FH, FM, HB, HJ, HMD, JW [guard], MM, RA, WE-1)
  • Andrew J. Nemecek, Ohio State (ECP-2, JW, TL)
  • Ernie Vick, Michigan (PD)


  • Aubrey Devine, Iowa (CSM [halfback], DL, EA, ECP-1, EOS [halfback], FH, HB, HJ, HMD, MM, PD, RA, WE-1)
  • Hoge Workman, Ohio State (CSM, ECP-2, JW, TL)
  • Robert H. Fletcher, Illinois (FM)
  • Charlie Mathys, Indiana (EOS)


  • Gaylord Stinchcomb, Ohio State (CSM, DL, EA, ECP-2 [end], EOS, FH, FM, HB, HJ, HMD, JW, MM, PD, RA, TL, WE-1)
  • Frank Steketee, Michigan (DL, HB, PD, RA, WE-1)
  • Alvah Elliott, Wisconsin (ECP-1, JW, MM, TL)
  • Arnold Oss, Minnesota (EA, FM, HMD)
  • Ralph E. Fletcher, Illinois (ECP-1)
  • Laurie Walquist, Illinois (ECP-2, FH)
  • Glenn Devine, Iowa (ECP-2)


  • Jack Crangle, Illinois (CSM, DL, EA, ECP-1, FH, HB, HJ, HMD, JW, MM, PD, RA, TL, WE-1)
  • Russell S. Williams, Indiana (EOS, HJ [halfback])
  • George Gipp, Notre Dame (FM)
  • Guy Sundt, Wisconsin (ECP-2)


Bold = consensus choice by a majority of the selectors

Italics = Player whose team was not a member of the Big Ten (certain selectors chose All-Western teams in the geographic sense; others chose All-Western teams in reference to the Western Conference, aka the Big Ten Conference)

CSM = Charles A. Bush in Christian Science Monitor[1]

DL = Deake Leake in Akron Press[1]

EA = Earl C. Arnold, sports editor of Minneapolis Tribune[1]

ECP = E. C. Patterson for Collier's Weekly[2]

EOS = E.O. Stiehm, head coach of Indiana University[1]

FH = Fred Hayner in Chicago Daily News[1]

FM = Frank G. Menke, sporting editor of King Features Syndicate[1]

HB = Harry Bullion in the Detroit Free Press[1]

HJ = Howard Jones, head coach at University of Iowa[1]

HMD = Herbert M. Dustin in Minneapolis Daily News[1]

JW = John Wilce, head coach at Ohio State[1][3]

MM = Malcolm McLean in the Chicago Evening Post[1]

PD = Prentiss Douglass, assistant coach at University of Michigan[1]

RA = Robert C. Angell, sports editor of The Michigan Daily[1]

TL = The Lantern, Ohio Student University[1]

WE = Walter Eckersall

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