1920 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final

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1920 All-Ireland Senior Football Final
Event 1920 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
Date 11 June 1922
Venue Croke Park, Dublin
Referee Willie Walsh (Waterford)
Attendance 17,000

The 1920 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final was the 33rd All-Ireland Final and the deciding match of the 1920 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, an inter-county Gaelic football tournament for the top teams in Ireland.


The final was the first time the teams had met since Bloody Sunday (21 November 1920); since then, the Anglo-Irish Treaty had been signed and 26 counties had been offered independence from British rule.[1]

Match summary[edit]

Dan Breen threw the ball in and a late goal by Tom Arrigan sealed victory for Tipp. The Irish Civil War began just 17 days later.[1]

It was Tipperary's fourth All-Ireland football title following success in 1889, 1895 and 1900. Football has since become the secondary GAA sport in the county, with hurling now being more prominent.[2]


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