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The Whitehall Place entrance to the short-lived 1920 Club

The 1920 Club was a short-lived London gentlemen's club, which existed between 1920 and 1923.

The original London club was established for Liberal supporters of the Lloyd George government, after the popular National Liberal Club began systematically blackballing Lloyd George's supporters. This was symptomatic of a deeper schism at the time, between the 'official' Liberal Party in opposition, led by H.H. Asquith (which retained control of the party machinery), and the (then-larger) faction led by Lloyd George in a coalition with the Conservatives.

The club opened in rooms at 2 Whitehall Court (inside what is now the Royal Horseguards Hotel), neighbouring the National Liberal Club - something the 1920 Club's committee described as 'a coincidence'. It was a relatively unusual club, in that it admitted both men and women as full members.

In November 1922 the Lloyd George government was defeated, and within a year the Liberal party had re-united, as a result of which the club dissolved, there no longer needing to be a separate club for Lloyd George supporters.


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