1920 Histadrut election

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Elections to the first congress of the Zionist trade union centre Histadrut were held in 1920 (the congress itself convened on December 4, 1920). In total 4433 of about 7000 Jewish workers in Palestine participated. The election was marred by irregularities, and the Jewish Socialist Workers Party (MPSI) protested against the 'fradulent behaviour' of the dominant parties after the election.[1]


Party Votes % Delegates
Ahdut HaAvoda 1864 42.0% 28
Hapoel Hatzair 1324 29.9% 27
List of New Immigrants 842 19.0% 16
Jewish Socialist Workers Party[2] 303 6.8% 6



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  2. ^ MPSI presented a list of 38 candidates. The list was led by Gershon Admoni, Abraham Revutkzy, Yaacov Sikador, Haim Katz, Mordechai Haldi, Y. Shapira and 'L. Elisha' (Moshe Levin).