1921 All-Big Ten Conference football team

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The 1921 All-Big Ten Conference football team consists of American football players selected to the All-Big Ten Conference teams chosen by various selectors for the 1921 Big Ten Conference football season.

All Big-Ten selections[edit]



  • Charles McGuire, Chicago (BE-1; CA-1; WE-1; LH-1)
  • Duke Slater, Iowa (BE-1; CA-1; WE-1; LH-1)
  • James Brader, Wisconsin (BE-2; WE-2)
  • Iolas Huffman (BE-2; WE-2)
  • Robert H. Spiers, Ohio State (WE-3)
  • Ed Carman, Purdue (WE-3)


  • Robert J. Dunne, Michigan (CA-1; WE-1; LH-1)
  • Lloyd Pixley, Ohio State (BE-1; CA-1; LH-1)
  • Dean W. Trott, Ohio State (BE-1; WE-1)
  • Charles Redmon, Chicago (BE-2; WE-2)
  • Albert W. T. Mohr, Jr., Illinois (WE-2)
  • Ferdinand Birk, Purdue (BE-2)
  • Paul Minick, Iowa (WE-3)
  • William G. McCaw, Indiana (WE-3)


  • Ernie Vick, Michigan (BE-2; CA-1; WE-1)
  • George C. Bunge, Wisconsin (BE-1; WE-2; LH-1)
  • Jack Heldt, Iowa (WE-3)



  • Alvah Elliott, Wisconsin (BE-1; CA-1; WE-1; LH-1)
  • Laurie Walquist, Illinois (CA-2; WE-2; LH-1)
  • John D. Stuart, Ohio State (BE-2; CA-1; WE-3)
  • Don Peden, Illinois (WE-1)
  • Roland Williams, Wisconsin (BE-1)
  • Franklin Cappon, Michigan (CA-2; WE-2)
  • Earl Martineau, Minnesota (WE-3)



BE = Billy Evans, "N.E.A. Sports Expert; American League Umpire; and Football Official"[1]

CA = Chicago American, selected by Harold Johnson[2]

WE = Walter Eckersall for the Chicago Tribune[3]

LH = Luther A. Huston of the International News Service[4]

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