1922–23 French Rugby Union Championship

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Countries France
Champions Toulouse
Runners-up Bayonne

The 1922–23 French Rugby Union Championship was won by Toulouse, beating Bayonne in the final.


The 1923 Five Nations Championship was won by Ireland, France came 3rd with one victory against Ireland

First round[edit]

Thirty teams participated in the championship. Twenty four of them were winners of regional championships and six from inter-regional barrages.

Tie Break:

Second round[edit]

The pool winners of the first round were divided in two pools of three.


Teams Toulouse - Bayonne
Score 3-0 (0-0)
Date 13 May 1923
Venue Stade olympique Yves-du-Manoir - Colombes
Referee Gilbert Brutus
Toulouse André Maury, Jean Bayard, Gabriel Serres, André Pépion, Marcel-Frédéric Lubin-Lebrère, Jean Larrieu, Alfred Prévost, Alex Bioussa, Bernard Bergès, Henri Galau, Joseph Dournac, Léon Nougal, François Borde, Adolphe Jauréguy, Yvan Saverne
Bayonne Edouard Lahirigoyen, Pierre Magens, Marcel Forgues, Silvano Andia, Henri Suhubiette, Eugène Landrieu, Jean-Baptiste Sales, Jean Etcheparre, Angel Sarratte, Eugène Billac, Laurent Pardo, Jean Bentaberry, André Béhotéguy, Jean Arnaudin, Henry Edward Roe
Toulouse 1 try A.Jauréguy

Comme en 1922, le Stade Toulousain beat l'Aviron bayonnais in the final.


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