1922 All-Big Ten Conference football team

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The 1922 All-Big Ten Conference football team consists of American football players selected to the All-Big Ten Conference teams chosen by various selectors for the 1922 Big Ten Conference football season.


  • Bernard Kirk, Michigan (CON [29/50]; CA; CJ-1; CP; CT-1; PA-1; WE-1)
  • Gus Tebell, Wisconsin (CJ-1; CP; CT-1; PA-1; WE-1)
  • Paul G. Goebel, Michigan (CON; CJ-2; CT-2; PA-2; WE-2)
  • Max Kadesky, Iowa (CA; CJ-2; CT-3; PA-2; WE-2)
  • Frank Hanny, Indiana (CT-2)
  • Otto Strohmeier, Chicago (CJ-3)
  • Ray Eklund, Minnesota (CJ-3; WE-3)
  • Leo V. Scherer, Nebraska (WE-3)
  • David D. Wilson, Illinois (CT-3)


  • Marty Below, Wisconsin (CON; CA; CJ-2; CP; CT-1; PA-1; WE-1)
  • Harold Fletcher, Chicago (CJ-1; CT-1; WE-3)
  • Henry D. Penfield, Northwestern (CON [31/50]; CA; CJ-2; PA-1; WE-3)
  • Stanley Muirhead, Michigan (CJ-1; CT-2; WE-2)
  • Raymond Weller, Nebraska (WE-1)
  • George Thompson, Iowa (WE-2; CJ-3; CP)
  • Louis Gross, Minnesota (CT-2)
  • Frank Gowdy, Chicago (CJ-3)
  • George Abramson, Minnesota (CT-3)
  • Ed Vandervoort, Michigan (CT-3)


  • Jim McMillen, Illinois (CON [42/50]; CA; CJ-2; CP; CT-1; PA-1; WE-1)
  • Paul Minick, Iowa (CON; CA; CJ-1; CP; PA-1; WE-2)
  • Lloyd Pixley, Ohio State (CJ-1; CT-1; PA-2; WE-3)
  • Ed Degree, Notre Dame (WE-1)
  • Rudolph Hohfield, Wisconsin (CJ-2; CT-2)
  • Ray Hahn, Kansas State (WE-2)
  • Chester Mead, Iowa (CT-2)
  • Harold Lewis, Chicago (PA-2)
  • Joe Pondelik, Chicago (CJ-3; WE-3)
  • Leo Kriz, Iowa (CJ-3)
  • Edward Slaughter, Michigan (CT-3)
  • Harold Steele, Michigan (CT-3)


  • Ralph King, Chicago (CJ-3; CP; CT-2; PA-1; WE-1)
  • John C. Heldt, Iowa (CJ-1; CT-1; WE-2)
  • Oliver S. Aas, Minnesota (CON [19/50]; CA; CJ-2; CT-3; PA-2; WE-3)


  • Rollie Williams, Wisconsin (CON [hb]; CJ-1 [hb]; CT-1 [hb]; PA-1; WE-1)
  • Irwin Uteritz, Michigan (CJ-2; CP; CT-1; PA-2; WE-2)
  • Wallace Barr, Wisconsin (CT-2)
  • Leland Parkin, Iowa (CJ-3; CT-3)
  • Dunn, Marquette (WE-3)


  • Harry Kipke, Michigan (CON; CA; CJ-1; CP; CT-1; PA-1; WE-1)
  • Earl Martineau, Minnesota (CA; CJ-2; CP; CT-2; PA-1; WE-1)
  • Hoge Workman, Ohio State (CJ-2; CT-2)
  • Jackson Keefer, Michigan (CT-2)
  • Otis C. McCreery, Minnesota (CT-2)
  • Bill Boelter, Drake (WE-2)
  • Jimmy Pyott, Chicago (CJ-3; PA-2; WE-2)
  • Charles W. Palmer, Northwestern (CJ-3; WE-3)
  • V. Craven Shuttleworth, Iowa (WE-3)


  • Gordon Locke, Iowa (CON [46/50] [qb]; CA [qb]; CJ-1 [qb]; CP [fullback]; CT-1 [fullback]; PA-1 [fullback]; WE-1 [fullback])
  • John Thomas, Chicago (CON; CA; CJ-1; CT-2; PA-2)
  • Willis Zorn, Chicago (CJ-2)
  • Franklin Cappon, Michigan (CJ-3; CT-3; PA-2 [halfback]; WE-2)
  • Harold S. Hartley, Nebraska (WE-3)

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CON = Consensus based on compiling votes from 50 sports editors who selected teams[1]

CA = Chicago American[2]

CJ = selected by Norman Ross of the Chicago Evening Journal[3]

CP = Chicago Post[2]

CT = Capital Times selected by Bryn Griffiths[4]

PA = The Pantagraph of Bloomington, Illinois[5]

WE = Walter Eckersall in the Chicago Tribune[6]

Bold = Consensus first-team selection of the majority of selectors listed above


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