1923–24 French Rugby Union Championship

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1923–24 French Rugby Union Championship
Countries  France
Champions Toulose
Runners-up US Perpignan
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1924-25 →

The 1923-24 French Rugby Union Championship was won for the second consecutive year by Toulouse that defeated the US Perpignan in the final.

The Championship was contested by thirty teams divided in the first round in 6 pool of 5.

First round[edit]

(in bold the qualified for second round)

Quarter of finals[edit]

(in bold the qualified for semifinals round)

  • Second Roun
    • Lourdes
    • Narbonne
    • Toulouse
  • Pool B
    • Albi
    • Bayonne
    • US Perpignan
  • Pool C
    • Bègles
    • Béziers
    • Biarritz
  • Pool D
    • Carcassone
    • Racing
    • Stadoceste


6 apr. 1924 Toulouse - Béziers 3 - 0 Carcassonne
6 apr. 1924 Perpignan - Stadoceste 10 - 0 Toulouse


Teams Toulouse - Perpignan
Score 3-0 (3-0)
Date 27 April 1924
Venue Parc Lescure - Bordeaux
Referee Henri Lahitte
Toulose Yvan Saverne, Léon Nougal, Jean Borde, François Borde, Georges Allène, Henri Galau, Bernard Bergès, Jean Larrieu, Marcel Camel, Alex Bioussa, André Pepion, Marcel-Frédéric Lubin-Lebrère, Gabriel Serres, Jean Bayard, André Maury
US Perpignan Étienne Cayrol, Raoul Got, Marcel Baillette, Roger Ramis, Marcel Darné, René Tabès, Jean Carbonne, Noël Sicart, Ernest Camo, Eugène Ribère, Gaudérique Momtassié, Camille Montadé, Joseph Sayrou, Fernand Duron, Charles Vergès
Toulose 1 try Serres
US Perpignan

Other competitions[edit]

  • In the final of Second Division, the SC Mazamétain beat SC Graulhet 3 - 0.
  • In the final of third Division, the NAC Champ-sur-Drac beat FCCarmaux 8 - 3.
  • In the final of Fourth Division, SC Negrepelisse beat Stade Minervois 8 - 3.
  • In the final of 2nd XV championship, Bayonne beat Toulouse 14-5