1923 International Universities Championships

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I International Universities Championships
Nations participating9
Athletes participating1,267
Events6 sports
Opening ceremonyAugust 17
Closing ceremonyAugust 23
Officially opened byAlexandre Millerand
Main venueStade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir

The 1923 International Universities Championships was an athletics competition organised by the Union Nationale des Étudiants de France (UNEF) and held in Paris, France. Held from 3–6 May, ten nations were present in the men's only programme.[1]

Medal summary[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Charles Paddock (USA) 10.40  Bohus Fleischer (TCH) 11.4e  Fournier (FRA)[2] Not known
200 metres  Charles Paddock (USA) 21.00  Bohus Fleischer (TCH) 22.4e  Carlo Mereu (ITA) Not known
400 metres  Adriaan Paulen (NED) 51.20  Wilbeaux (BEL)[2] Not known  Gossé (FRA)[2] Not known
800 metres  Paul Martin (SUI) 1:57.0  Adriaan Paulen (NED) 1:57.2e  Pierre Villeneuve (FRA) 2:00.5e
1500 metres  Suby (FRA)[2] 4:20.8  René Chatelain (FRA) Not known  Francis Bordes (FRA) Not known
5000 metres  R.A.S. Castell (ENG) 16:28.0  Pippo Orio (ITA) 16:28.8e  Binder (FRA)[2] Not known
110 m hurdles  Otto van Rappart (NED) 16.00  Gabriel Sempé (FRA) 16.1e  Adolfo Contoli (ITA) Not known
400 m hurdles  René Resal (FRA) 59.40  Vigoni (BEL)[2] Not known  Maurice Frichoux (FRA) Not known
High jump  Louis Zwahlen (FRA) 1.79  Gabriel Sempé (FRA)
 Ettore Uicich (ITA)
1.75 Not awarded
Pole vault  Henry Petersen (DEN) 3.70  Adolfo Contoli (ITA)
 Jan Milde (TCH)
3.40 Not awarded
Long jump  Gabriel Sempé (FRA) 7.06  Georges Krotoff (FRA) 6.59  Alois Sobotka (TCH) 6.54
Shot put  Jan Milde (TCH)[3] 12.84  Dušan Ivkovic (TCH)[4] 12.22  Édouard Duhour (FRA) 11.73
Discus throw  Jan Milde (TCH)[3] 35.92  Antonín Svoboda (TCH) 35.88  Gabriel Sempé (FRA) 33.46
Javelin throw  Carlo Clemente (ITA) 53.80  Marco Manuel Gismondi (ITA) 47.84  Václav Chmelík (TCH) 47.26
Pentathlon  Adolfo Contoli (ITA) 09.00  Antonín Svoboda (TCH) 12.00  Fred Zinner (BEL) 14.00
4 × 100 m relay  Netherlands 44.80  Italy 44.80  Belgium 45.0e
4 × 400 m relay  France 3:32.0  Belgium 3:32.0  Italy Not known
1000 m medley relay  Netherlands 2:05.2  Italy 2:05.2  Belgium Not known

Medal table[edit]

1 France (FRA)54817
2 Italy (ITA)25411
3 Czechoslovakia (TCH)2529
4 Netherlands (NED)2103
5 United States (USA)2002
6 Denmark (DEN)1001
 England (ENG)1001
  Switzerland (SUI)1001
9 Belgium (BEL)0336
Totals (9 nations)16181751


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