1923 Kamchatka earthquake

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1923 Kamchatka earthquake
1923 Kamchatka earthquake is located in Russia
1923 Kamchatka earthquake
UTC time 1923-02-03 16:01:51
ISC event 911271
Local date February 4, 1923 (1923-02-04)
Local time 04:01
Magnitude 8.4 Mw[1]
Depth 15 km
Epicenter 54°29′10″N 160°28′19″E / 54.486°N 160.472°E / 54.486; 160.472Coordinates: 54°29′10″N 160°28′19″E / 54.486°N 160.472°E / 54.486; 160.472
Areas affected Kamchatka, Russia
Max. intensity XI (Extreme)
Foreshocks 7.2 Mw  (USGS) 1923-02-02
Casualties 3

The 1923 Kamchatka earthquake occurred on 3 February. The epicenter was on the southeastern coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula. The earthquake triggered a tsunami with wave heights up to eight metres, which caused damage as far away as Hawaii.[2] The maximum perceived Mercalli intensity was XI (Extreme).[3] The tsunami caused two deaths in Kamchatka and one in Hawaii.

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