1923 National Amateur Cup

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The 1923 National Amateur Cup was the USFA's first attempt to stage a national knockout competition strictly for amateur soccer teams, this edition however did not reach a conclusion and no overall winner was crowned. The tournament suffered numerous delays, among the worst instances was an early round game between Swedish Americans of Chicago and Gary, Indiana scheduled for mid December. Poor field conditions due to bad weather prevented the completion of their matchup until the end of March. Consequently no national final or semifinals were played. Ten years prior, the USFA's earlier incarnation, the AAFA, had conducted two tournaments on the amateur level. Both were successful in the sense that they were completed expeditiously however they were able to draw few if any teams from beyond the New York area, the 1923 amateur tournament drew 68 teams ranging from Chicago, Illinois to Rumford, Maine including even a team from Ontario, Canada. The 'finals' in the brackets below represent the national quarterfinal round with the district winners in bold.

New England[edit]

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
March 30
 Ansonia  10
     Taftville  0  
 Manchester Olympic  
June 24 - Ansonia
 Ansonia  1
April 7    
   Roxbury  2
 Roxbury  7
 Charlestown  0  
March 31
     Abbott Worsted Junior    
 Abbott Worsted Junior  2
 Boston St. George  0  

NY-NJ-East PA[edit]

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Fleisher Yarn  2
 Fairhill  0  
 Fleisher Yarn  2
     26th Ward  0  
 Fleisher Yarn  4
May 27    
   American AA  2
 Tyrconnell Celtic  0
June 4 - Clifton
 American AA  1  
 American AA  3
May 20
     Brooklyn St. George  1  
 Brooklyn St. George  3
 British Great War Veterans  0  

Ohio-West PA[edit]

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
December 23        
January 7
December 23
February 24 - Jeannette
 Pittsburgh Rovers    
 Jeannette  1
January 7    
   White Auto  0
January 21 - Akron
 Clan MacKenzie    
 Goodyear  0
     White Auto  2  
 White Auto  


Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Detroit FC  
 Ulster AFC    
 Detroit FC  
 Royal Oak  
June 24 - Detroit
 Detroit FC  2
March 25    
   Swedish American  3
 Swedish American  8
 Gary  0  
 Swedish American  
 Harvey F.C.  

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