1923 New Year Honours

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The New Year Honours 1923 were appointments by King George V to various orders and honours to reward and highlight good works by members of the British Empire. They were published on 29 December 1922.[1]

The recipients of honours are displayed here as they were styled before their new honour, and arranged by honour, with classes (Knight, Knight Grand Cross, etc.) and then divisions (Military, Civil, etc.) as appropriate.


British Empire[edit]


Knight Bachelor[edit]

Dominions & Colonies

Order of the Bath[edit]

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (GCB)[edit]

Military Division
Civil Division
Additional Member
  • The Right Honourable Sir John Anderson, KCB, late Chairman of the Board of Inland Revenue & Under-Secretary for Ireland, now Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department.

Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB)[edit]

Military Division
Royal Navy
Civil Division
Additional Members

Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB)[edit]

Military Division
Royal Navy
  • Rear-Admiral Hugh Lindsay Patrick Heard, DSO.
  • Engineer Rear-Admiral William Cory Sanders, DSO.
  • Surgeon Rear-Admiral Jonathan Shand, MB.
  • Captain Hugh Gaultier Coghill Somerville, DSO.
  • Paymaster-Captain Henry Horniman.
  • Colonel (Temporary Colonel Commandant) Arthur James Poole, CMG, Brigade Commander, 16th Indian Infantry Brigade.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel & Brevet Colonel Howard Ensor, CMG, DSO, MB, Royal Army Medical Corps.
  • Colonel Frederick Welsley Hunt, CMG, CBE, Deputy Director of Veterinary Services, Southern Command.
  • Colonel Henry William Newcome, CMG, DSO.
  • Colonel (Temporary Colonel Commandant) George Alexander Weir, CMG, DSO, Commandant, Equitation School, Weedon.
  • Colonel (Temporary Colonel Commandant) Charles Herbert Rankin, CMG, DSO, Brigade Commander, 2nd Indian Cavalry Brigade.
  • Colonel Walter Joseph Maxwell-Scott, DSO.
  • Colonel Harry Lionel Pritchard, CMG, DSO, Chief Engineer, Northern Command.
  • Colonel John Edward Spencer Brind, CMG, DSO.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel & Brevet Colonel Richard Deare Furley Oldman, CMG, DSO, The Wiltshire Regiment.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel & Brevet Colonel Ernest Douglas Young, CMG, The Devonshire Regiment.
  • Colonel Cranley Charlton Onslow, CMG, CBE, DSO, Brigade Commander, Staffordshire Infantry Brigade.
  • Colonel (Temporary Colonel Commandant) Edward Arthur Fagan, CSI, CMG, DSO, Indian Army, Brigade Commander, 6th Indian Infantry Brigade.
  • Colonel Manners Ralph Willmot Nightingale, CMG, CIE, DSO, Indian Army.
  • Colonel (Temporary Colonel Commandant) Guy Archibald Hastings Beatty, CSI, CMG, DSO, Indian Army, Brigade Commander, 1st Indian Cavalry Brigade.
Royal Air Force
Additional Member
Civil Division
  • Captain Thomas Henry Roberts-Wray, OBE, VD, ADC, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.
  • John Harper Narbeth, CBE, MVO, Assistant Director of Naval Construction, Admiralty.
  • Francis James Henderson Coutts, MD, BSc, Senior Medical Officer, Ministry of Health.
  • Arthur James Dyke, CBE, Junior Commissioner and Joint Secretary, Board of Customs & Excise.
  • Maurice Francis Headlam, Assistant Secretary, Treasury.
  • Edward Highton Hodgson, OBE, Principal Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Pensions.
  • Herbert William Malkin, CMG, Assistant Legal Adviser, Foreign Office.
  • John Fitzgerald Moylan, CBE, Receiver, Metropolitan Police.
  • Conrad James Naef, CBE, Accountant-General of the Navy.
  • Reginald James Gresham Clive Paterson, Assistant Secretary, War Office.
  • Harry Mead Taylor, Assistant Secretary & Accountant-General, Board of Trade.
  • Arthur William Watson, CBE, Principal Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Labour.
  • James Alexander Webster, DSO, Principal Assistant Secretary, Air Ministry.
Additional Members

Order of the Star of India[edit]

Knight Commander of the Order of the Star of India (KCSI)[edit]

Companion of the Order of the Star of India (CSI)[edit]

  • Samuel Perry O'Donnell, CIE, Indian Civil Service, Secretary to the Government of India, Home Department.
  • Edward Mitchener Cook, CIE, Indian Civil Service, Secretary to the Government of India, Finance Department.
  • Francis Charles Griffith, OBE, Acting Inspector-General of Police, Bombay.

Order of Saint Michael and Saint George[edit]

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George (GCMG)[edit]

Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCMG)[edit]

Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)[edit]

  • Captain Oswald Herbert Campbell Balfour, The King's Royal Rifle Corps, for services as Personal Secretary to the Governor General of Canada.
  • Henry Ebenezer Barff, Warden and Registrar of the University of Sydney in the State of New South Wales.
  • Arthur Powlett Blunt, Acting Commissioner of Weihaiwei.
  • The Honourable Hal Pateshall Colebatch, Minister for Education & Health, Minister for Justice, and Minister for the North West, State of Western Australia.
  • Christian Ludolph Neethling Felling, General Manager of the Uganda Railway, for services as Chief Assistant to the General Manager of Railways & Harbours, Union of South Africa.
  • The Honourable John Lewis, Member of the Legislative Council of the State of South Australia.
  • Terence Charles Macnaghten, CBE, Assistant Secretary in the Colonial Office, and Vice-Chairman of the Oversea Settlement Committee.
  • Edward Newman, for many years Member of the House of Representatives of the Dominion of New Zealand: author of the movement resulting in the "New Zealand Sheepowners' Acknowledgment of Debt to British Seamen Fund".
  • Arthur Meek Pountney, CBE, Financial Adviser, Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States.
  • Captain William Blakeney Stanley, MBE, Provincial Commissioner in the Protectorate of Sierra Leone.
  • Colonel Robert Ward Tate, CBE, lately Administrator of Western Samoa.
  • Clare Aveling Wiggins, Principal Medical Officer, Uganda Protectorate.
  • Major Hubert Winthrop Young, DSO, Middle East Department, Colonial Office
  • Howard William Kennard, Counsellor of His Majesty's Embassy at Rome.
  • Gerald Hyde Villiers, a Counsellor in the Foreign Office.
  • Eric Graham Forbes Adam, a First Secretary in the Foreign Office.
  • Richard Edward Kimens, Commercial Secretary at His Majesty's Legation at Warsaw.

Order of the Indian Empire[edit]

Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire (GCIE)[edit]

Knight Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire (KCIE)[edit]

  • His Highness Maharaja Tashi Namgyal, CIE, Maharaja of Sikkim.
  • Lieutenant Meherban Chintamanrao Dhundirav, alias Appasaheb Patwardhan, Chief of Sangli, Bombay.
  • Major-General Gerald Godfray Giffard, CSI, Indian Medical Service, Surgeon General with the Government of Madras.
  • Major Nawab Malik Khuda Bakhsh Khan, Tiwana, CIE, OBE, Extra-Judicial Assistant Commissioner in the Punjab, and Revenue Member, Council of Regency, Bahawalpur State, Punjab.

Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire (CIE)[edit]

  • Harry Tonkinson, Indian Civil Service, Joint Secretary to the Government of India, Home Department.
  • M.R.Ry. Chetput Pattabhirama Ayyar Ramaswami Ayyar Avargal, Advocate-General, Madras.
  • Arthur Edward Nelson, OBE, Indian Civil Service, Chief Secretary to Government, Central Provinces.
  • Alexander Shirley Montgomery, Chief Engineer and Secretary to Government, Punjab Public Works Department, Buildings & Roads Branch.
  • Kunwar Jagdish Prasad, OBE, Indian Civil Service, Educational Secretary to Government, United Provinces.
  • Nelson Annandale, DSc, Director, Zoological Survey of India.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Thomas Gage, Indian Medical Service, Superintendent of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Calcutta, and Director, Botanical Survey of India, Bengal.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel John Philip Cameron, Indian Medical Service, Inspector-General of Prisons, Madras.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Eckford Luard, Indian Army, Political Agent in Bhopal, Central India.
  • Frederick Alexander Leete, Chief Conservator of Forests, Burma.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Ross, OBE, Indian Medical Service.
  • Captain Victor Felix Gamble, Private Secretary to His Excellency the Governor of the United Provinces.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Alfred Hooton, Indian Medical Service, Agency Surgeon, Kathiawar, Bombay.
  • Arnold Albert Musto, Executive Engineer, Public Works Department, Bombay.
  • Abdur Raheem, Merchant and Landholder Bengal.
  • John Arthur Jones, Editor, Statesman, Calcutta, Bengal.
  • The Reverend Canon Edward Guilford, OBE, Church Missionary Society, Tarn Taran, Amritsar District, Punjab.
  • Pringle Kennedy, Pleader, Bihar & Orissa.
  • Major Henry Benedict Fox, VD, Chairman, Surma Valley Branch, Indian Tea Association, Assam.
  • U Po Tha, OBE, Head Broker, Steel Brothers, Member of the Local Legislative Council and Honorary Magistrate, Burma.
  • Captain Albert Gottlieb Puech, OBE, VD, late Assistant Recruiting Officer, Meerut & Delhi Divisions, and Hissar & Gurgaon Districts, United Provinces and Punjab.
  • Keshab Chandra Roy, Director, Associated Press of India.
  • Naoroji Bapooji Saklatwala, of Messrs. Tata & Sons, Ltd., Bombay.
  • William Stantiall, Secretary, Public Works Department, India Office.

Royal Victorian Order[edit]

Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (GCVO)[edit]

Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (KCVO)[edit]

  • Sir Herbert James Greedy, KCB, CVO.
  • Sir William Jameson Soulsby, CB, CIE, CVO.
  • Sir Milsom Rees, CVO.
  • Vice-Admiral Henry Bertram Pelly, CB, MVO.
  • Gerald Francis Talbot, CMG, OBE. (Dated 14 December 1922).

Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO)[edit]

  • Sir Frank Baines, CBE, MVO.
  • Sir Harry Baldwin.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Ronald Waterhouse, CB, CMG. (Dated 17 December 1922).
  • Edward Denny Bacon, MVO. (Dated 20 December 1922).
  • Lieutenant-Colonel William Angel Scott, MVO.
  • Arthur John Eagleston.
  • Frank William Hunt.
  • Major William Clive Hussey.

Member of the Royal Victorian Order, 5th class (MVO)[edit]

  • Commissioned Gunner David Russell Gordon, Royal Navy. (Dated 5 August 1922).
  • Arthur Preedy.
  • William Shackleton.
  • Commissioned Boatswain William Staples, Royal Navy. (Dated 5 August 1922).
  • Commissioned Gunner James Wood, Royal Navy. (Dated 5 August 1922).

Order of the British Empire[edit]

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire (GBE)[edit]

Military Division
Royal Navy

Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE)[edit]

Military Division
Royal Navy
  • Major-General Sir Hugh Sandham Jeudwine, KCB.
  • Major-General Sir Edward Peter Strickland, KCB, CMG, DSO. (Colonel, The Norfolk Regiment).
  • Major-General Louis Ridley Vaughan, CB, DSO, Indian Army. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Colonel (Honorary Brigadier-General) James Gilbert Shaw Mellor, CB, CMG, KC, Reserve of Officers.
  • Colonel (Temporary Colonel Commandant) Percy Cyriac Burrell Skinner, CB, CMG, DSO.
Civil Division

Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)[edit]

Military Division
Royal Navy
  • Captain Cecil Dacre Staveley Raikes.
  • Captain Robert Gordon Douglas Dewar.
  • Captain Henry Evans Freke Aylmer. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Engineer-Captain George William Baldwin. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Paymaster-Captain John Edward Jones. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Colonel Second Commandant Reginald Hallward Morgan, Royal Marine Light Infantry.
  • Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel Nevill Anderson, OBE, General List.
  • Major George Joseph Ball, OBE, Reserve of Officers, Royal Engineers.
  • Major & Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Colin Burton, DSO, Royal Army Service Corps.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Lacy Challenor, CB, CMG, DSO, The Leicestershire Regiment.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel & Brevet Colonel James Graham Chaplin, DSO, The Cameronians.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Henry Kemble Chauncy, 124th Baluchistan Infantry, Indian Army. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Lieutenant-Colonel William John Patrick Adye-Curran, OBE, Royal Army Medical Corps.
  • Colonel Warburton Edward Davies, CMG, DSO.
  • Major & Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Francis Napier Elphinstone-Dalrymple, Bt, DSO, Royal Artillery.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel & Brevet Colonel Charles Newenham French, CMG, The Hampshire Regiment.
  • Colonel Charles Augustus Frederick Hocken, Indian Army. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Major & Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel John Frederic Roundel Hope, DSO, The King's Royal Rifle Corps.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel (Temporary Colonel) Frederic Arthur Iles, DSO, Royal Corps of Signals.
  • Captain Hugh Mowbray Meyler, DSO, MC, The Border Regiment.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel George de la Poer Beresford Pakenham, CMG, DSO, The Border Regiment.
  • Major & Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Albert Porch, CIE, MC, Supply & Transport Corps, Indian Army. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Major Thomas Geoffrey Ruttledge, OBE, MC, The Green Howards.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Bryan Henry Chetwynd-Stapylton, The Cheshire Regiment.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Cornish Jeremie Stevens, DSO, Royal Engineers.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Harold William Puzey Stokes, DSO, Royal Army Service Corps.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel William John Bell Tweedie, CMG, Extra-Regimentally Employed List.
  • Colonel George Walker, DSO.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel (Honorary Colonel) Walter Ward, VD, Nilgiri Malabar Battalion, Auxiliary Force, India. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Henry George Wilson, The Lincolnshire Regiment.
Civil Division
  • Brigadier-General Netterville Guy Barron, CMG, DSO.
  • Julius Bishop, Lieutenant Bailiff of Guernsey. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Richard Francis Raleigh Cruise.
  • Captain William Young Darling, MC.
  • Robert Dunlop.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Frank Rogers Durham, OBE, MC, Director of Works, Imperial War Graves Commission. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Captain William Jocelyn Ian Fraser. Chairman, St. Dunstan's Committee. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Colonel Frederick Henry Wickham Guard, CMG, DSO.
  • George Bennett Heard.
  • Arthur Francis Hemming.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Percy Robert Laurie, DSO, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Patrick Aloysius Marrinan.
  • Henry John Moore.
  • Pryce Peacock, LRCSI.
  • Thomas Bailey Pearson, Director of Audit, Audit Office. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Francis William Rawlinson, FRGS, Secretary to the Royal Merchant Seamen's Orphanage. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Colonel Charles Walker Scott, CMG, DSO, Disposal Commissioner in India. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Frank Edward Smith, OBE, FRS, Director of Scientific Research, Admiralty. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Louis Herbert Hartland Swann, National Savings Committee. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • James Wilbond.
  • Alexander Kemp Wright, Manager of The Royal Bank of Scotland; Deputy Chairman of Scottish Savings Committee. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Harry Owen Chalkley, Commercial Secretary (Grade 1) at His Majesty's Legation at Buenos Ayres.
  • Harry Leslie Sherwood, recently Inspector-General of His Majesty's Consulates.
  • Frederick Lewisohn, Indian Civil Service, Chief Secretary to the Government of Burma.
  • Herbert William Emerson, Deputy Commissioner of Multan.
  • Valentine Patrick Terrell Vivian, OBE, Punjab Police.
  • Girja Shankar Bajpai, Indian Civil Service.
  • Diwan Bahadur Kashinath Ramchandra Godbole, President, District Local Board, Poona, and Member of the Bombay Legislative Council, Bombay.
  • Bernard Humphrey Bell, President, Court of Appeal, Iraq.
  • Arthur Ernest Booty, lately Treasurer of the Uganda Protectorate.
  • Henry Curwen, MB, lately Principal Medical Officer, Zanzibar Protectorate.
  • John William Evans, DSc, LLB, FRS, Representative of the Colonies and Protectorates administered by the Secretary of State for the Colonies on the Governing Body of the Imperial Mineral Resources Bureau.
  • Frederick William Fraser, Government Secretary, the State of North Borneo.
  • John Thomas Gosling, lately Officiating Treasurer and Member of the Legislative Council of the Colony of Kenya.
  • Edwin Richard Hallifax, OBE, Secretary for Chinese Affairs, Colony of Hong Kong.
  • William George John Hill, Assistant Superintendent, Staff, Railways & Harbours, Union of South Africa.
  • John Hampden King, Immigration Agent-General and Acting Colonial Secretary of the Colony of British Guiana.
  • Edward Daniel Laborde, ISO, lately Treasurer of Grenada.
  • William Barr Montgomery, OBE, Permanent Head of the Customs Department, Dominion of New Zealand.
  • William McNiven Muat, MB, Senior Medical Officer, Weihaiwei.
  • Henry Percy Pickerill, MD, in recognition of valuable services since the War in connection with facial and jaw operations on wounded soldiers in the Dominion of New Zealand.
  • Bernard Edward Howard Tripp, MBE, Representative of New Zealand at the Red Cross Conference at Geneva, 1921.
  • Leo Weinthal, OBE, for services to South Africans in London.

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)[edit]

Military Division
Royal Navy
  • Commander Vincent Byrne Cardwell.
  • Lieutenant-Commander Harold Tom Baillie Grohman, DSO.
  • Major & Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel George Carpenter, DSC, Royal Marine Light Infantry.
  • Major Cecil Edward Sykes-Wright, Royal Marine Light Infantry.
Royal Air Force
  • Squadron Leader Albert James Butler, MC, AFC.
  • Squadron Leader Harry George Smart, DFC. (Dated 30 December 1922).
Civil Division
  • Lieutenant The Honourable Gerald Ralph Desmond Browne.
  • William Albert Egan.
  • William Henry Eggett, ISO, Accountant, Colonial Office. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • John Foster.
  • John Thomas Heggart.
  • Captain The Honourable Henry Edmund FitzAlan-Howard.
  • Eric Pearl Hyem.
  • Lieutenant William Howard Kerr.
  • Major John Victor Kershaw, DSO.
  • George McConkey.
  • James Andrew McDonnell.
  • James Edward McGarry.
  • Hugh Morrison Metcalfe.
  • Captain Cornelius Banahan O'Beirne.
  • Francis John Harris Palmer, Member of the Liquidation Board. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Captain John Martin Regan.
  • Captain Bertram Benjamin Ridgwell Roberson.
  • James Francis Ronca, MBE, Principal Staff Clerk, Board of Trade. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Walter Round, Local Auditor (Chester), War Office. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • John Russell.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Stuart Forbes Sharp, MC.
  • James William Stafford, MBE, Assistant Passport Officer, Foreign Office. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Lieutenant Richard Straker, MC.
  • Captain Henry Neville Grylls Watson, DSO.
  • William Edward Young, MBE, Commandant, Metropolitan Special Constabulary. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Frank Savery, His Majesty's Consul at Warsaw.
  • Frederick Watson, His Majesty's Consul at New York.
  • Herbert Kershaw, Commercial Secretary (Grade 2) at His Majesty's Legation at Stockholm.
  • Craven Howell Walker, MBE, His Majesty's Consul for Western Ethiopia.
  • Major Michael Courtney, ISO, Indian Medical Department; Superintendent, Central Jail, Montgomery, Punjab.
  • George Ernest Fawcus, Indian Educational Service, Director of Public Instruction, Bihar & Orissa.
  • Rai Bahadur Debendra Nath Chaudhri, Pleader, Central Provinces.
  • Doctor David Brainard Spooner, Deputy Director-General of Archaeology in India.
  • John Elliot Armstrong, Deputy Inspector-General of Police. (On special duty in connection with Munitions cases), Bengal.
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Christian Sinclair, MBE, Superintendent of Post Offices.
  • Khan Bahadur Mohamed Abdul Rahman Khan, Commanding Bahawalpur State Forces, Bahawalpur, Punjab.
  • Major William Arthur MacDonell Garstin, Deputy Commissioner, Bannu, North-West Frontier Province.
  • Rai Bahadur Pandit Brijmohan Nath Zutshi, President, Council of Regency, Rewa, Central India.
  • Francis Colomb Crawford, Deputy Director-General of Police, Criminal Investigation Department, His Exalted Highness the Nizam's Government, Hyderabad. (Deccan).
  • Mirza Mahomed Ismail, Private Secretary to His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore.
  • Major Norman Napier Evelyn Bray, MC, Political Department, India Office.
  • Ronald Sinclair, MBE, Punjab Police.
  • John Adams, Chairman of the Orange Free State Land Board, Union of South Africa.
  • Major George Croker Bayly, lately Commissioner of the Nicosia District, and Member of the Legislative Council, Island of Cyprus.
  • Emmanuel Joseph Peter Brown, Member of the Legislative Council of the Gold Coast Colony.
  • Arthur Ernest Charter, Office of the Administrator of the Transvaal, Union of South Africa.
  • The Honourable Charles Cecil Farquharson Dundas, Senior Commissioner, Administrative Department, Tanganyika Territory.
  • Shirley Bales, Chief Clerk in the Office of the High Commissioner for South Africa.
  • George Finnimore, Inspector of Civil Gaols, Iraq.
  • William Henry Leader Foster, MA, Head Master of the Clyde Quay Primary School, Wellington, Dominion of New Zealand.
  • Major Charles Hugh Gilson, DSO, Assistant Commissioner in charge of the Swaziland Police Force, South Africa.
  • William Hudson, MC, Postmaster General, Palestine.
  • John Emery Casement Lawrie, of Johannesburg, Union of South Africa, in recognition of his public services.
  • Charles Edgar Littledale, MC, Commandant of Police, Arbil, Iraq.
  • Gladys Pott, for services on the Executive of the Society for the Oversea Settlement of British Women.
  • Quah Beng Kee, of Penang, Straits Settlements, in recognition of his public services.
  • Herbert Charles Ransom, MBE, Deputy Head of the General Department, Office of the Crown Agents for the Colonies.
  • Major Henry Rayne, MBE, MC, District Commissioner in Somaliland.
  • George Whitfield Smith, Commissioner and Judge, Turks & Caicos Islands.
  • Herbert Cecil Stiebel, Senior Commissioner, Administrative Department, Tanganyika Territory.
  • Herbert Torrance, MB, Medical Missionary, Scottish Hospital, Tiberias, for valuable services to the people of Palestine.
  • Henry William Watlington, Member of the House of Assembly of the Bermudas or Somers Islands.

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)[edit]

Military Division
Royal Navy
  • Chief Officer of Coast Guard Alfred Henry Futter.
  • Royal Marine Gunner Ernest George Thornton.
Royal Air Force
  • Flight Lieutenant Horace George Brown.
  • Flight Lieutenant Ian Cullen, AFC. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Flight Lieutenant Wesley Howard Oakey.
  • Flying Officer Frederick Robert Wynne. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • No.402325 Sergeant-Major 1st Class Percy John Jackson.
Civil Division
  • Major Herbert Thompson Argent, TD, late Assistant Controller, the Contract Department, Disposal & Liquidation Commission. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Philip Attwood Andrew Barclay, MA, FEIS, JP, Glasgow District Delegate, the Scottish Savings Committee. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • James Byrne.
  • Major Hallawell Carew, MC.
  • Captain Percy Walter Henry Carpenter.
  • Stephen Clifford.
  • Patrick Dillon.
  • John Stephen Doherty.
  • Captain Richard Eagle, Secretary, Works Department, Imperial War Graves Commission. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • John Greally.
  • Harry Heath, Acting Deputy Accounts Officer, Admiralty. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Thomas Hunter Herriot.
  • Leslie Holbrook Kitton, MC.
  • Frank Knight.
  • Edward Harry Lawes.
  • Leslie Keith Lockhart, MC.
  • Alfred William Jarvis May, Supervisor of Copying, Colonial Office. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Timothy MacCarthy.
  • Jeremiah McCarthy.
  • William McGurk.
  • William Jackson Morton, Commandant, Metropolitan Special Constabulary. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • William Noble.
  • Charles William Masters Paterson, Commandant, Metropolitan Special Constabulary Reserve. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Ernest Matthew Pearson, Senior Examiner, Passport Office, Foreign Office. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Thomas Hedley Phillips, Commandant, Metropolitan Special Constabulary. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • James Gordon Singer, North East District Delegate to the Scottish Savings Committee. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • James Sweeney.
  • Charles Henry Wilkins.
  • Ernest Edward Wilkinson, Clerk for Legal Instruments, Colonial Office. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • Violet Napier Bell, Member of the Foreign Office Section at the Washington Conference.
  • William Alphonse Franck, His Majesty's Vice-Consul at Catania.
  • Bernard Ponsonby Sullivan, Commercial Secretary (Grade 3) at His Majesty's Embassy at Brussels.
  • Arthur Lister Compton Hands, Chief Clerk to the Government and Clerk to the Executive Council, Island of Saint Helena.
  • Ernest Arthur Harris, Superintendent, Mechanical Transport, Ministry of Communications & Works, Iraq.
  • Villiers Hart de Keating, Editor of the Mauritius News.
  • Helen Louise Iles, Acting Matron, New General Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Leslie Thomas Pollard, Registrar, Secretariat of the High Commissioner for Iraq.
  • Moisis George Zarifi, Revenue Inspector, Treasury Department, Island of Cyprus.

Medal of the Order of the British Empire[edit]

Dated 28 December 1922, unless otherwise stated:

For Meritorious Service
Military Division
  • No.2310221 Signalman Herbert Botting, Royal Corps of Signals.
  • No.7245641 Staff Sergeant Frederick Albert Johnson, Royal Army Medical Corps.
  • No.5241057 Private Harry Edward Jones, The Worcestershire Regiment.
  • No.6837103 Company Sergeant-Major John Henry Sidney Francis, DCM, MM, The King's Royal Rifle Corps.
  • No.7870859 Private George Holmes, Tank Corps.
  • No.M/16760 Private (Acting Lance-Corporal) Charles Freeman, Royal Army Service Corps.
  • No.M/18728 Private (Acting Sergeant) Charles Inions, Royal Army Service Corps.
  • No.M/14459 Corporal (Acting Sergeant) Francis James McCann, Royal Army Service Corps.
  • No.M/20508 Private (Acting Lance-Corporal) Reginald Arthur Newman, Royal Army Service Corps.
  • No.M/20178 Private William Henry George Sedgmond, Royal Army Service Corps.
  • No.1853394 Sergeant (Acting Company Sergeant-Major) Walter Sidney Wallis, Postal Section, Royal Engineers.
Royal Air Force
  • No.1287 Flight Sergeant James Kemp Tough.
  • No.334286 Sergeant Frank Lowry. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • No.60056 Corporal (Acting-Sergeant) Herbert Sydney Allen. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • No.331463 Corporal William Victor James Bancroft. (Dated 30 December 1922).
  • No.341282 Corporal Harry Bowick. (Dated 30 December 1922).
Civil Division
  • James Patrick Feeney.
  • William George Higbee.
  • Patrick Lawrence Hollywood.
  • Charles Joseph Keeney.
  • John Loughrey.
  • Denis Mahon.
  • Valentine Mannion.
  • Patrick McDonagh.
  • Daniel McGrath.
  • William Mulholland.
  • Cornelius O'Sullivan.
  • Thomas Power.
  • Timothy Reddin.
  • John Began, DCM.
  • Johnston Walmsley.
For Gallantry
Civil Division
  • Albert Waterfield, Park-keeper, Richmond Park. (Dated 30 December 1922)

Kaisar-i-Hind Medal[edit]

First Class, for Public Services in India
  • Dr. Robert Harper, Medical Missionary of the American Baptist Mission, Burma.
  • M.R.Ry. Diwan Bahadur Raghupati Venkataratnam Nayudu Garu, lately Principal of the Raja's College, Pithapuram, Madras.
  • Khan Bahadur Kavasji Jamshedji Petigara, Superintendent of Police, Bombay.
  • Rani Shri Kamribai, Rani Saheba of Jasdan, Bombay.
  • Sister Blanche Annie, Sister in charge of Nursing, Presidency General Hospital, Bengal.
  • Jessie Hopkins, United Provinces.
  • The Reverend William Scott, Scotch Mission, Sialkot, Punjab.
  • Nasarwanji Nowroji Parakh, LRFPS (Glas.), LSA, Medical Practitioner and Member of the Local Legislative Council, Burma.
  • Isabel Kerr, Lady Doctor in charge of the Leper Home at Dichpalli, Hyderabad. (Deccan).
  • The Reverend George William Sawday, Wesleyan Mission, Mysore.

Air Force Cross (AFC)[edit]

  • Flight Lieutenant Edward Rodolph Clement Scholefield, DCM.
Bar to the Air Force Cross
  • Flight Lieutenant Thomas Edward Barham Howe, AFC.

Air Force Medal (AFM)[edit]

  • 314986 Sergeant William Charles Whitfield.

King's Police Medal (KPM)[edit]

England & Wales
  • Victor Foulcrand Bosanquet, Chief Constable, Monmouthshire Constabulary.
  • William Scott, Chief Constable, South Shields Borough Police.
  • Frederick Rodgers, Superintendent & Deputy Chief Constable, Nottinghamshire Constabulary.
  • Frederic James Andrew, Superintendent, Derbyshire Constabulary.
  • Hector Daniel Macleod, Superintendent, Northamptonshire Constabulary.
  • John Carr, Chief Superintendent, Newcastle upon Tyne City Police.
  • Richard John Halford, Superintendent, City of London Police.
  • Thomas Tate, Sergeant, Lancashire Constabulary.
  • Charles Allen, Acting Sergeant, City of London Police.
  • Charles Martin, Detective Constable, Metropolitan Police.
  • Percy McDouall, Detective Constable, Metropolitan Police.
  • Cecil Sayer, Detective Constable, Metropolitan Police.
  • Walter Bush, Constable, Metropolitan Police.
  • Frederick Carter, Constable, Metropolitan Police.
  • James Duff, Constable, Metropolitan Police.
  • Edward Geer, Constable, Metropolitan Police.
  • John Hayes, Constable, Metropolitan Police.
  • Harry Hutchings, Constable, Metropolitan Police.
  • Walter March, Constable, Metropolitan Police.
  • George Blake, Constable, Buckinghamshire Constabulary.
  • James Benstead, Constable, Liverpool City Police.
  • William Handley, Constable, Liverpool City Police.
  • Robert Alfred Corlett, Constable, Manchester City Police.
  • John Thomas Johnson, Constable, Sheffield City Police.
Fire Brigades
  • Smollett Montgomerie Eddington, Chief Officer of the Tottenham Fire Brigade.
  • Alfred Edward Sibley, Senior Superintendent, London Fire Brigade.
  • Raymond John Law, Fireman, Tottenham Fire Brigade.
  • William Peachey, Fireman, Tottenham Fire Brigade.
  • James Semple, Inspector, Glasgow City Police Force.
  • Lachlan McDonald, Detective Lieutenant, Glasgow City Police Force.
  • Robert Breakenridge, Constable, Lanarkshire Constabulary.
  • David Gray, Constable, Lanarkshire Constabulary.
  • Alexander McKay, Constable, Lanarkshire Constabulary.
  • John Robinson, Constable, Lanarkshire Constabulary.
  • Thomas James Allen, late District Inspector, Royal Irish Constabulary, now Royal Ulster Constabulary.
  • Henry Connor, late District Inspector, Royal Irish Constabulary, now Royal Ulster Constabulary.
  • Richard Robert Heggart, late District Inspector, Royal Irish Constabulary, now Royal Ulster Constabulary.
  • Johnston Walmsley, late Sergeant, Royal Irish Constabulary, now Royal Ulster Constabulary.
  • Thomas McClay, Platoon Commander, Class "A", Ulster Special Constabulary.
Fire Brigades
  • Arnold Jesse King, Assistant Superintendent, Madras Police.
  • Karumathil Krishna Paniker, Subadar, Madras Police.
  • Thondikulam Seshan Patter Ramanathan Ayyar, Acting Inspector, Madras Police.
  • Vellang Madathil Appu Nayar, Sub-Inspector, Madras Police.
  • Kinattinkara Karunakaran Nayar, Sub Inspector, Madras Police.
  • Vellat Karunakara Menon, Sub-Inspector, Madras Police.
  • Vengalil Krishna Menon, Sub-Inspector, Madras Police.
  • Kunnant Hodiyil Syedu, Head Constable, Madras Police.
  • Rishiyur Srinivasa Ayyar Krishnaswami Ayyar, Deputy Superintendent, Madras Police.
  • Khan Bahadur Villupuram Ghulam Ali Muhammad Khan, Deputy Superintendent, Madras Police.
  • Michael A. O'Gorman, Assistant Superintendent, Bombay Police.
  • Kalekhan Hamidkhan, Head Constable, Second Grade, & Acting Sub-Inspector, Bombay Police.
  • Bapu Sitaram Sawant, Constable, Bombay Police.
  • Wahidbux Allahjiwayo, Camel Constable, Bombay Police.
  • Sundersingh Kalusingh, Armed Jamadar, Bombay Police.
  • Syed Mahomed Syed Masitali, Constable, Bombay Police.
  • Daniel Healy, District Superintendent, Bombay Police.
  • John Court Curry, District Superintendent, Bombay Police.
  • Tahilram Dharamdas Vasvani, Inspector, Acting as Deputy Superintendent, Bombay Police.
  • Harold Maitland Haslehurst, MBE, District Superintendent, Bombay Police.
  • Keramat Shah, Constable, Bengal Police.
  • Ram Chandra Upadhya, Constable, Bengal Police.
  • Frederick Douglas Bartley, Deputy Commissioner of Port Police, Calcutta, Bengal Police.
  • Ernest Albert Hartley, Assistant Commissioner. (Temporary), Calcutta, Bengal Police.
  • Manmatha Nath Sen, Inspector, Bengal Police.
  • Beni Madhab Chaudhuri, Sub-Inspector, Bengal Police.
  • Subadar Shankar Singh, Inspector, Bengal Police.
  • John Claude Thurlow Rivett-Carnac, MC, Officiating Superintendent, United Provinces Police.
  • Khan Bahadur Munshi Mohammad Baqar Ali Khan, OM, Deputy Superintendent, United Provinces Police.
  • Gauhar Khan, Head Constable, United Provinces Police.
  • Majid Singh, Head Constable, United Provinces Police.
  • Maurice Carmichael Tweedie, Deputy Inspector-General, United Provinces Police.
  • Herbert Ashley Emile, Assistant Superintendent, United Provinces Police.
  • Abdul Karim, Head Constable, Punjab Police.
  • Khaliq Dad Khan, Inspector, Punjab Police.
  • Ghulam Mohammad, Head Constable, Punjab Police.
  • Maula Bukhsh, Foot Constable, Government Railway Police, Punjab Police.
  • Nawab Din, Foot Constable, Government Railway Police, Punjab Police.
  • Major R. Tilly, MC, IA, Commandant, Burma Military Police.
  • Captain Arthur Clarence Everett Caiger, IA, Assistant Commandant, Burma Military Police.
  • Captain James McKenzie Anderson, MC, IA, Assistant Commandant, Burma Military Police.
  • Mahomed Yacoob Khan, Inspector, Burma Police.
  • Muhammad Ismail, Inspector, Bihar & Orissa Police.
  • Jagdeo Prasad Singh, Inspector, Bihar & Orissa Police.
  • Banchhanidhi Naik, Constable, Bihar & Orissa Police.
  • Sheo Lochan Singh, Constable, Bihar & Orissa Police.
  • Madhusudan Rao Deshmukh, Inspector, Central Provinces Police.
  • Gopal Singh, Sub-Inspector, Central Province Police.
  • Muhammad Sher Khan, Sub-Inspector, North-West Frontier Police.
  • Harri Singh, Officiating Sub-Inspector, North-West Frontier Police.
  • Faqir Muhammad, Head Constable, North West Frontier Police.

His Majesty has also graciously consented to the King's Medal being handed to the nearest relative of the undermentioned Officer, who was killed on duty on 24 September, and who would have received the decoration had he survived:

  • Christopher William Scott Coward, Assistant Superintendent, Madras Police.
Bar to the King's Police Medal
  • Jack Elliot, Acting Superintendent, Madras Police.
British Dominions Beyond The Seas
  • John Howe Carlisle, Chief of the Vancouver Fire Department, Canada.
  • Nicholas Moore, First Class Detective, New South Wales Police.
  • Francis John O'Donoghue, Constable, New Zealand Police.
  • Roger John Wilson, Constable, New Zealand Police.
  • Gurmukh Singh, Subadar, Straits Settlements Police.
  • James Harcourt Daniel, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Criminal Investigation Department, Ceylon.
  • Herbert Theodore Thomas, Inspector, Jamaica Constabulary Force.
  • Captain Clive Selwyn Long-Innes, Superintendent, Kenya Police.
  • Captain Frank Douris, Assistant Commissioner, Gold Coast Police.
  • Theophilus McCain, Lance-Corporal, British Honduras Police.
  • Mehmed Ibrahim Effendi, Inspector, First Grade, Cyprus Police.
  • Frederick William Perryman, Acting Sergeant-Major, British Gendarmerie, Palestine.
  • Ali Ahmed, Private, Palestine Gendarmerie.
  • Alfred Whittaker, Inspector, Weihaiwei Police.
  • Frank Forcey, Inspector, Weihaiwei Police.


The following promotions have been made, dated 31 December 1922:

Royal Navy
Commander to Captain
Lieutenant-Commander to Commander
  • Harold A. Knight.
  • Percy R. P. Percival, DSO.
  • Geoffrey S. Holden.
  • Victor E. Ward.
  • Ernest J. Spooner, DSO.
  • Franklin Ratsey.
  • Arthur L. Jackson.
  • Ambrose T. N. Abbay, DSO.
  • James V. V. Magrane.
  • John Brooke, DSC.
  • Claude P. Hermon-Hodge, DSC.
  • Frederic N. Attwood.
  • Piers K. Kekewich.
  • Ion B. B. Tower, DSC.
  • Claud A. Merriman.
  • Gerard W. T. Robertson.
  • Arthur M. Peters, DSC.
  • Victor H. Danckwerts.
  • John F. B. Carslake
  • Arthur J. Power.
Engineer Commander to Engineer Captain
  • Ernest D. Sydenham.
  • Herbert L. Parry, OBE.
  • William H. Ham.
  • William R. Crawford, CMG.
  • John W. Milner, MVO.
Engineer Lieutenant-Commander to Engineer Commander
  • Samuel Duncan Charles W. Keats.
  • Edward J. Bedwell.
  • John G. Parry.
  • Henry J. Rampling.
  • Leslie Gregory, OBE.
  • John Pattinson.
  • William A. Carlisle.
  • Thomas Spalding.
  • John S. Orr.
Surgeon Commander to Surgeon Captain
  • Robert J. MacKeown, OBE, MB, DPH.
  • Frank H. Nimmo, MVO.
  • Richard F. Clark, DPH.
  • Reginald St. G. S. Bond, MB, FRCS (Ed.), MRCP, DPH.
Paymaster Commander to Paymaster Captain
  • Charles S. Wonham, CBE.
  • Herbert A. D. J. Gyles.
  • Frederick G. Motton.
Royal Marines
  • Major Maurice C. Festing, DSO, Royal Marine Light Infantry, to Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel
Royal Naval Reserve
Commander to Captain
  • William H. Kelly, CBE, DSO, RD.
Lieutenant-Commander to Commander
  • Robert B. Thomson, RD.
  • Hans Oppen, DSO, RD.
  • Frank Pattinson, RD.
  • Harold T. Dunn, RD.
  • George ff. Harford-Lloyd, RD.
  • Vincent S. Cottrell, RD.
  • Dunsley H. Casson, RD.
  • Robert L .Alexander, DSO, RD.
  • John Jenkins, DSC, RD.
Paymaster Lieutenant-Commander to Paymaster Commander
  • Hugh N. Page, RD.
  • Laurence Y. Barnby, RD.
  • Bernard H. Cooper, RD.
  • Charles C. H. Drake, RD.
  • Reginald R. Payne, RD.
  • William B. Everett, RD.
  • Frank Ward, RD.
  • Archibald B. Campbell, RD.
  • Farrant F. Aldridge, RD.
  • Harold E. Egleton, RD.
  • Sidney J. Marsh, RD.
  • James A. Withers, RD.
  • Arthur W. Fry, RD.
  • Percy S. Sykes, OBE, RD.
  • Anson V. Squire, RD.
  • Joseph G. White, RD. (Registrar)
Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Lieutenant-Commander to Commander
  • Robert C. Primrose, VD.
Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander to Surgeon-Commander
  • Robert Wilbond.
Honorary Surgeon Lieutenant-Commander to Honorary Surgeon Commander
  • Francis J. Hannan, MD.
Paymaster Lieutenant-Commander to Paymaster Commander
  • John F. Carson, OBE.
  • William H. Cole.

Dated 1 January 1923, except where otherwise stated:

To Brevet Colonel
To Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel
To Brevet Major
To Brevet Major on promotion to the substantive rank of Captain
Royal Air Force

The undermentioned officers are promoted to the ranks stated, with effect from 1 January 1923:

General Duties Branch
Group Captain to Air Commodore
Wing Commander to Group Captain
Squadron Leader to Wing Commander
Flight Lieutenant to Squadron Leader
  • Arthur John Opel.
  • Ralph Towlerton Leather, AFC.
  • Vyvyan Arthur Hemming Robeson, MC.
  • John Henry D'Albiac, DSO.
  • Francis Percival Don.
  • George Brindley Aufrere Baker, MC.
  • Harley Alec Tweedie, OBE, AFC.
  • Roy Maxwell Drummond, DSO, OBE, MC.
  • Arthur Hicks Peck, DSO, MC.
  • Arthur Noel Gallehawk, AFC.
Flying Officer to Flight Lieutenant
  • James Humphrey Butler.
  • Charles Ronald Steele, DFC.
  • Cyril Fraser Brewerton, DSC.
  • Philip Herbert Mackworth, DFC.
  • John Mecredy McAlery.
  • Malcolm Dent Nares, AFC.
  • Robert Sydney Pearce Boby.
  • Gilbert Formby Smylie, DSC.
  • Louis George Paget, AFC.
  • Gerald Ernest Gibbs, MC.
  • John Whitworth Jones.
  • George Oswald Venn.
  • Sylvester Lindsay Quine, MC.
  • Edgar Theodore Carpenter, AFC.
  • Cedric Walters Hill.
  • Paul Richard Tankerville James Michael Isidore Camille Chamberlayne, AFC.
  • Charles Robert Davidson, MC.
  • Lance Harold Browning, MC, DFC.
  • Ralph Edgar Meek.
  • Lee Roy Lowerison Brown, DFC.
  • Edric William Broadberry, MC.
  • John Potter.
  • Tom Oswald Clogstoun.
  • Henry Dunboyne O'Neill, AFC.
  • Cuthbert Joseph Stanley Dearlove.
  • Kenneth Cromar Tilman.
  • Harvey Lancelot Macro, DFC.
  • Walter George Peeston, DFC.
  • Edward Irwin Bussell.
  • James Huddart Dand, MBE.
  • Henry Basil Pett, MC.
  • Henry Edward Walker, MC, DFC.
  • Arthur Harold Beach.
  • Leslie Millington Iles, AFC.
  • Jack Cottle, MBE, DFC.
  • Anthony Lauderdale Paxton, DFC.
  • Albert Oliver Lewis-Roberts, DFC.
  • Charles William Attwood.
  • Gerald Mornington Bryer, AFC.
  • Guy Yelverton Tyrrell, MC.
  • David Craik, DFC.
  • Albert Frank Lang, MBE.
  • William Elliot, DFC.
  • Frederick Robert Wynne.
  • Kenelm Arthur Lister-Kaye.
  • Ivor Morgan Rodney.
  • Claude Vernon Aristides Bucknall.
  • John Whitford.
  • George Stairs Napier Johnston.
Stores Branch
Squadron Leader to Wing Commander
  • William Robert Bruce, OBE.
Flight Lieutenant to Squadron Leader
  • William Edgar Aylwin, OBE.
  • Henry Lumsden Crichton, MBE.
Flying Officer to Flight Lieutenant
  • Henry Edwin Thomas Crocker.
Stores Branch Accountants
Flight Lieutenant to Squadron Leader
  • Arthur Geoffrey Nevill Belfield.
  • Herbert George Jones.
  • Herbert Francis Fuller.
  • James Leask Robertson.
Flying Officer to Flight Lieutenant
  • Ralf Harry Cleverly.
  • Percy Jack Farmer.
  • Harry George Bushell.
  • Frank Owen Hall.
  • Frederick William Arthturton.
  • Geoffrey Noel Simon.
  • Percival Hay, MC.
  • Walter Rodgers Westcombe.
  • Kenneth Robertson Money, OBE.
  • John Sullivan.
Medical Branch
Wing Commander to Group Captain
  • Henry Cooper, DSO, BA.
  • Martin William Flack, CBE, MB, MA.
Squadron Leader to Wing Commander
  • Harold Edward Whittingham, MB, DPH, DTM.
Flight Lieutenant to Squadron Leader
  • Joseph Mary Aloysius Costello, MC, MD, MSc.
  • John Hutchinson Wood, MC, MB, DPH.
  • Arthur James Brown, DSO.
Director of Music
Flying Officer to Honorary Flight Lieutenant
  • John Henry Amers.


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