1923 New Zealand rugby league season

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The 1923 New Zealand rugby league season was the 16th season of rugby league that had been played in New Zealand.

International competitions[edit]

New Zealand played in no international matches during the season.

Huatahi Paki played 15 games for the St. George Dragons during the season.[1]

National competitions[edit]

Northern Union Cup[edit]

South Auckland again held the Northern Union Cup at the end of the season. During the season they had drawn 20-all with Auckland in Hamilton.[2]

Inter-district competition[edit]

The West Coast defeated Wellington 12-6 in their first ever win.[2]

Club competitions[edit]


The City Rovers won the Auckland Rugby League's competition for a third year in a row.[3] City defeated Grafton 8-7 in the championship cup final.[4] Ponsonby won the Roope Rooster.

Lou Brown played for Newtown while City included Maurice Wetherill, Hec McDonald, Ben Davidson and captain Bill Davidson.[4]


Hutt won the Wellington Rugby League's Appleton Shield.[3]


Addington won the Canterbury Rugby League's McKeon Cup.[3] Hornby won the Thacker Shield.

Kaiapoi played in the senior competition for the first time.[2]


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