1924 AAA Championship Car season

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1924 AAA Championship Car season
AAA National Championship Trail
Races 9
Start date February 24
End date December 14
National champion United States Jimmy Murphy
Indianapolis 500 winner United States L. L. Corum/Joe Boyer
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1925 →

The 1924 AAA Championship Car season consisted of 9 races, beginning in Beverly Hills, California on February 24 and concluding in Culver City, California on December 14. The AAA National Champion was Jimmy Murphy and the Indianapolis 500 winners were L. L. Corum and Joe Boyer.

Schedule and results[edit]

All races running on Dirt/Brick/Board Oval.

Rnd Date Race Name Length Track Location Type Pole Position Winning Driver
1 February 24 United States Beverley Hills Race 250 mi (400 km) Los Angeles Motor Speedway Beverly Hills, California Board United States Phil Shafer United States Harlan Fengler
2 May 30 United States International 500 Mile Sweepstakes 500 mi (800 km) Indianapolis Motor Speedway Speedway, Indiana Brick United States Jimmy Murphy United States L. L. Corum
United States Joe BoyerA
3 June 14 United States Altoona Race 250 mi (400 km) Altoona Speedway Tyrone, Pennsylvania Board Canada Ira Vail United States Jimmy Murphy
4 July 4 United States Kansas City Race 150 mi (240 km) Kansas City Speedway Kansas City, Missouri Board United States Tommy Milton United States Jimmy Murphy
5 September 1 United States Altoona Race 250 mi (400 km) Altoona Speedway Tyrone, Pennsylvania Board United States Ray Cariens United States Jimmy Murphy
6 September 15 United States Syracuse Race 150 mi (240 km) New York State Fairgrounds Syracuse, New York Dirt United States Norman Batten United States Phil Shafer
7 October 2 United States Fresno 150 150 mi (240 km) Fresno Speedway Fresno, California Board United States Fred Comer United States Earl Cooper
8 October 25 United States Charlotte Race 250 mi (400 km) Charlotte Speedway Pineville, North Carolina Board United States Bennett Hill United States Tommy Milton
9 December 14 United States Culver City Race 250 mi (400 km) Culver City Speedway Culver City, California Board United States Bennett Hill
^A Shared drive

Leading National Championship standings[edit]

 #  Driver Car Points
1 Jimmy Murphy Miller 1595
2 Earl Cooper Miller 1240
3 Bennett Hill Miller 1214
4 Tommy Milton Miller 1505
5 Fred Comer Miller 725

† Murphy was killed at the Syracuse race on September 15


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