1924 Copa del Rey Final

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1924 Copa del Rey Final
Patxi Gamborena.jpg
Real Unión's Francisco Gamborena after the final whistle
Event1924 Copa del Rey
DateMay 4, 1924
VenueAtotxa, San Sebastián
RefereeFermín Sánchez

The 1924 Copa del Rey Final was the 24th final of the Spanish cup competition, the Copa del Rey. The final was played at Atotxa Stadium, in San Sebastián, on May 4, 1924. Real Union beat Real Madrid 1–0 and won their third title.

Match details[edit]

Real Union1–0Real Madrid
Echeveste Goal 58'
Referee: Fermín Sánchez
Real Union
Real Madrid
GK 1 Spain Antonio Emery "Emery II"
DF 2 Spain Manuel Anatol
DF 3 Spain Ignacio Berges
MF 4 Spain Francisco Gamborena
MF 5 France René Petit
MF 6 Spain Ramón Eguiazábal
FW 7 Spain José Echeveste
FW 8 Spain Joaquín Vázquez
FW 9 Spain Juan Errazquin
FW 10 Spain Matías Aguinaga
FW 11 Spain Ramón Azurza
England Steve Bloomer
GK 1 Spain Cándido Martínez
DF 2 Spain Félix Quesada
DF 3 Spain Pedro Escobal
MF 4 Spain Juan Pablo Barrero
MF 5 Switzerland Adolphe Mengotti
MF 6 Spain Ernesto Mejía
FW 7 Spain José María Muñagorri
FW 8 Spain Manuel Fernández Valderrama
FW 9 Spain Juan Mojardín
FW 10 Spain Félix Pérez
FW 11 Spain Jerónimo Víctor del Campo
Spain Juan Cárcer
Copa del Rey 1924 winners
Real Union
3rd title