1924 FA Charity Shield

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1923 FA Charity Shield
Event FA Charity Shield
Date 6 October 1924
Venue Highbury, London
Attendance c. 10,000[1]

The 1924 FA Charity Shield was the eleventh staging of the FA Charity Shield, an annual association football match arranged to raise funds for charitable causes supported by the Football Association (the FA), the governing body of football in England. As in the 1923 competition, the match was held between the a team of England professionals and amateurs. In contrast to previous year, the amateurs were reported as giving the professionals a much more competitive game, despite losing 3-1.[2][3]

The teams played contrasting styles, with the professionals holding onto possession and attempting to open up the game, while the amateurs played a more direct style and "indulged in some good honest old-fashioned shoulder charging." [2] Neither team scored in the first half, with Taylor performing well for the professionals in goal.[3] Walker scored for the professionals after half-time, before an equaliser from Kail.[3] The professionals won with two late goals, first from Buchanan and then Walker.[3]

Match details[edit]

Professionals 3-1 Amateurs
WalkerGoal,Goal, BuchanGoal KailGoal
Attendance: c. 11,000
1 England Ted Taylor, Huddersfield Town
2 England Alf Baker, Arsenal
3 England Sam Wadsworth, Huddersfield Town
4 England Frank Moss, Aston Villa
5 England Henry Healless, Blackburn Rovers
6 England George Green, Sheffield United
7 England James Spencer, West Bromwich Albion
8 England Charlie Buchan, Sunderland
9 England Harry Bedford, Blackpool
10 England Billy Walker, Aston Villa
11 England Fred Tunstall, Sheffield United
1 England James Mitchell, Manchester City
2 England E. Spencer Bishop Auckland
3 England Alfred Bower, Corinthians
4 England Albert Barrett Leytonstone
5 England Claude Ashton, Corinthians
6 England Fred Ewer, Casuals
7 England R.G. Jenkins, London Polytechnic
8 England Edgar Kail, Dulwich Hamlet
9 England Vivian Gibbins, Clapton
10 England Frank Hartley, Oxford City
11 England Lt Kenneth Hegan, The Army


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