1924 Summer Student World Championships

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The 1924 Summer Student World Championships, was the second editions of the Summer Student World Championships, were organised by the Confederation Internationale des Etudiants (CIE) and held in Warsaw, Poland. Held from 17–20 September, seven nations competed in the men's only programme. The seven nations were England, Estonia, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland and the United States. A total of five sports were contested: athletics, fencing, association football, rowing and tennis.[1]

Medal summary[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Arthur Porritt (NZL) 10.90  Zygmunt Weiss (POL) 11.1e  Pierre Parrain (FRA) Not known
200 metres  Arthur Porritt (NZL) 22.20  Zygmunt Weiss (POL) 22.8e  Pierre Parrain (FRA) Not known
400 metres  Zygmunt Weiss (POL) 51.80  Joseph Jackson (FRA) 53.2e  Friedrich Jaanvaldt (EST) Not known
800 metres  Stefan Kostrzewski (POL) 02:00.4  Pierre Villeneuve (FRA) +4m  Julius Tiisfeldt (EST) +10m
1500 metres  Julius Tiisfeldt (EST) 04:16.0  Pierre Villeneuve (FRA) Not known  Stefan Kostrzewski (POL) Not known
3000 metres  Józef Jaworski (POL) 09:32.5  Stefan Kostrzewski (POL) Not known  Julius Tiisfeldt (EST) Not known
5000 metres  François Christophe (FRA) 17:31.0  Julius Tiisfeldt (EST) Not known  Wladyslaw Boski (POL) Not known
110 m hurdles  Gabriel Sempé (FRA) 15.70  Arthur Porritt (NZL) 15.8e  Eugen Neumann (EST) Not known
400 m hurdles  Stefan Kostrzewski (POL) 60.20  Robert Simon (FRA) Not known Only two finishers[2] Not known
High jump  Valter Ever (EST) 1.78  Julian Gruner (POL) 1.70  Erazm Pawski (POL) 1.64
Pole vault  Valter Ever (EST) 3.40  Antoni Rzepka (POL) 3.20  Eugen Neumann (EST) 3.20
Long jump  Valter Ever (EST) 6.55  Eugen Neumann (EST) 6.05  Georges Krotoff (FRA) 5.97
Triple jump  Roger Rousset (FRA) 12.90  Valter Ever (EST) 12.82  Raoul Luciani (FRA) 12.68
Shot put  Gabriel Sempé (FRA) 11.60  Robert Simon (FRA) 11.54  Eugen Neumann (EST) 10.94
Discus throw  Slawomir Szydlowski (POL) 37.87  Gabriel Sempé (FRA) 34.60  René Paul (FRA) 31.19
Javelin throw  Slawomir Szydlowski (POL) 54.45  Julian Gruner (POL) 51.69  Ludwik Chelmicki (POL) 42.11
Javelin - Both Hands Aggregate  Slawomir Szydlowski (POL) 90.75 Not known Not known Not known Not known
Pentathlon  Henryk Piatkowski (POL) 12.00  Valter Ever (EST) 13.00  Gabriel Sempé (FRA) 14.00
4 × 100 m relay  Poland 45.80  Estonia 45.80  France Not known
4 × 400 m relay  Poland 03:32.0  France 03:32.0  Estonia Not known
1600 m medley relay  France 03:37.6  Poland 03:37.6  Estonia Not known
3000 m team race  Poland Not known Only 1 team finished[3] Not known See silver medal Not known

Athletics medal table[edit]

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Poland (POL) 9 7 4 20
2  France (FRA) 5 7 6 18
3  Estonia (EST) 4 4 8 16
4  New Zealand (NZL) 2 1 0 3
Total 20 19 18 57


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  2. ^ The source of the results suggests there is uncertainty as to whether there were more than two finishers in the 400m hurdles
  3. ^ The source of the results suggests there is uncertainty as to whether there were more than two finishers in the 3000 Metres Team Race