1925 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship

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1925 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
All-Ireland Champions
Winning team Galway (1st win)
Captain Michael Walsh (St Grellan's, Ballinasloe)
Provincial Champions
Munster Kerry
Leinster Wexford
Ulster Cavan
Connacht Galway
Championship statistics

The 1925 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship was the 39th staging of Ireland's premier Gaelic football knock-out competition. Galway were the winners.[1][2][3]

The championship has become known for the farcical manner in which the play-offs took place. The Connaught final was not held in time to produce a team that could compete against the other three provinces in the semi-finals. Mayo was therefore nominated to represent the province. Mayo beat Wexford in the semi final. Kerry beat Cavan in the other semi-final. However, both Kerry and Cavan were disqualified for fielding illegal players. This meant that Mayo were declared champions without the need for a final. However, in the meantime, Galway had defeated Mayo in the Connaught final and this put the GAA in a bind. They withdrew their nomination of Mayo to represent Connaught, and chose Galway as rightful Connaught champions. Thus, Galway became All-Ireland champions.

However, this was deemed unsatisfactory by all. So the GAA ordered the semi-finals to be replayed with Galway taking the rightful place of Connaught champions. However, Kerry complained that their semi-final victory over Cavan should stand. When the GAA insisted that it should not stand, Kerry withdrew, leaving Cavan to automatically proceed to the final. Galway defeated Cavan in the final. The farce went on so long that the final was not played until January 10, 1926. Cavan, despite having previously been disqualified, finished with a silver medal. Mayo, despite having previously been declared champions, were eliminated. Galway, despite having previously been removed from the tournament, were champions.


Connacht Championship[edit]

Roscommon 2-4 – 2-2 Sligo

An objection was made and a replay ordered.

Galway 1-1 – 1-1 Leitrim

Roscommon 1-5 – 1-5

Roscommon 1-3 – 0-6

Roscommon 2-0 – 0-6

Roscommon 1-5 – 1-3 Sligo

An objection was made and a replay ordered.

Galway 1-4 – 2-1

Roscommon 0-2 – 2-3 Sligo

Galway 1-4 – 0-5 Leitrim

Mayo 2-6 – 1-6 Sligo

Galway 1-5 – 1-3 Mayo
Attendance: 26,000

Leinster Championship[edit]

Kildare 5-8 – 1-0 Carlow

Louth 4-2 – 3-3 Laois
Referee: Sean O'Neill (Dublin)

Louth 0-7 – 0-3 Kilkenny

Dublin 0-6 – 2-4 Wexford
Referee: T. Walsh (Kilkenny)

Louth 0-5 – 3-3 Kildare
Referee: J. Delaney (Laois)

Wexford 2-7 – 0-3 Kildare

Munster Championship[edit]

Kerry 1-2 – 0-4 Tipperary
Referee: A. Quillinan (L)

An objection was made and a replay ordered.

Kerry 3-1 – 0-4 Tipperary
Referee: W. P. Aherne ( C )

Cork 1-3 – 1-1 Limerick

Clare 2-2 – 0-1 Waterford

Kerry 3-8 – 1-0 Cork

Kerry 5-5 – 0-0 Clare

Ulster Championship[edit]

Monaghan 1-3 – 0-5 Armagh

An objection was made and a replay ordered.

Antrim 0-16 – 0-1 Down

Cavan 1-5 – 1-3 Tyrone

Fermanagh 3-6 – 0-1 Donegal

Monaghan 2-2 – 1-4 Armagh

Antrim 2-5 – 0-4 Monaghan

Cavan 0-18 – 0-2 Donegal

Cavan 2-3 – 3-0 Antrim
Attendance: 6,000

Cavan 3-6 – 0-1 Antrim
Attendance: 6,000

All-Ireland Championship[edit]

The Connacht championship was not finished in time, so Mayo were nominated to play in the All-Ireland semi-final.

Kerry 1-7 – 2-3 Cavan
Attendance: 5000

Both teams lodged objections against each other, and both were disqualified.

Mayo 2-4 – 1-4 Wexford

With both Kerry and Cavan disqualified, Mayo now had no opponent to play in the All-Ireland final. And when Galway defeated Mayo in the Connacht final, the GAA decided to award the All-Ireland title to Galway.[4] However, this was then seen as unsatisfactory, so the championship was refixtured with Kerry, Cavan, Wexford and Galway. Kerry wanted their victory over Cavan to stand, but when they were ordered to replay it, they withdrew in protest.[5][6]

Cavan w/o – scr. Kerry

Galway 3-4 – 1-1 Wexford

Galway 3-2 – 1-2 Cavan

Championship statistics[edit]


  • There were a lot of objections draws, replayed and extra time:

- In the Connacht championship saw 3 meetings of Galway vs Leitrim and 6 meetings of Sligo vs Roscommon while in the Munster championship no draw between Kerry vs Tipperary but went to a replay and with Monaghan vs Armagh in the Ulster championship.

  • Galway became the first Connacht county to win the All Ireland title and first not from Munster or Leinster.


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