1925 in Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland

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Events during the year 1925 in Northern Ireland.



  • 10 March - The Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, James Craig, announces the impending dissolution of the parliament. He says the election will be fought on the Boundary Commission.
  • 16 March - At a meeting of the Irish Boundary Commission in County Down witnesses from Newry and Kilkeel support being included in the Irish Free State.
  • 2 June - Foundation stone for the west front of St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, is laid by Governor of Northern Ireland, the Duke of Abercorn.
  • 7 November - The Morning Post, a Conservative London newspaper, publishes a leaked report of the Irish Boundary Commission's (limited) proposals for altering the border between the Free State and Northern Ireland, which are contrary to the Free State's view; publication effectively ends the work of the Commission.
  • 3 December – a settlement on the boundary question between the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland is presented in London.[1] Controversially, there is no change to the border, in exchange for the Free State's liability for service of the U.K. public debt in respect of war pensions being dropped. The agreement is approved during this month by the U.K. and Free State legislatures.

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  • International
28 February Northern Ireland 0 - 3 Scotland[2]
18 April Wales 0 - 0 Northern Ireland (in Wrexham)[2]
24 October Northern Ireland 0 - 0 England[2]
Winners: Glentoran
Winners: Distillery 2 - 1 Glentoran


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