1926–27 FBUs Mesterskabsrække

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FBUs Mesterskabsrække
Season 1926–27
Dates September 1926 – April 1927
(regular season)
1 – 8 May 1927 (play-offs)
Champions B 1909 (4th title)
Relegated none
Matches played 30
Goals scored 154 (5.13 per match)
Total number of matches and goals played does not include the promotion/relegation play-offs, championship replays nor relegation replays.

The 1926–27 FBUs Mesterskabsrække was the 23rd season of the Funen Football Championship since its establishment in 1904 under the administration of Fyns Boldspil-Union (FBU).[1] This was the first season with the new name of Mesterskabsrækken after the top-flight Funen league had previously been named FBUs A-række, which had now been passed on to the Funen tier 2 league. The launch of the season began in September 1926 and the final round of regular league fixtures were played in April 1927 with the play-off matches being held in May 1927. Svendborg BK were the defending league champions. The winner of the league would automatically qualify for the semifinals of the Provincial championship tournament that was held as part of the 1926–27 Landsfodboldturneringen that was played at the end of the regular season.[2][3][4] The three highest ranking teams in the final standings participated in the inaugural season of the new Danish Championship play-off structure, the 1927–28 Danmarksmesterskabsturneringen i Fodbold.[2][3][5] All eligible teams in the FBUs Mesterskabsrække including the best teams of the 1926–27 FBUs A-række would also participate in the next season of the Funen regional cup tournament, 1927 FBUs Pokalturnering.

The winner of the league were B 1909, who secured their fourth FBU top-flight title, after two championship replay matches was played against Boldklubben 1913, as a consequence of both teams finishing level on points at the top of the table.[6] During the fall season, B 1913 secured the regional cup title by defeating Odense BK in the 1926 FBUs Pokalturnering finale.[7] Both, the newly promoted team, BK Marienlyst and Nyborg G&IF also finished level on points and last in the Funen FA's primary football league and an additional match had to scheduled to find the team that would participate in the promotion/relegation play-off match against the winner of the 1926–27 FBUs A-række, Middelfart G&IK.[8][9] Even though losing the replay match, Nyborg G&IF managed to win the promotion/relegation play-off match, securing their spot in the next season of FBUs Mesterskabsrække.[10][11]

Season summary[edit]

On 10 April 1927, B 1909 won their match against the other league title contender B 1913, securing an advantage on points before the last round.[12] In the season's last round of league fixtures on 24 April 1927, both the league championship (and hence participation in the 1926–27 Landsfodboldturneringen) and the relegation play-off spot, including participation in the 1927–28 Danmarksmesterskabsturneringen was yet undetermined — two teams were competing for the Funen Championship, while the four lowest teams were in proximity (2 points between all clubs) of the relegation play-off match against the winner of the 1926–27 FBUs A-række. Svendborg BK played in Svendborg against the league championship contender B 1909 and drew the match to a 4–4 tie, Odense BK won their match 6–1 on their own home field, Munke Mose in Odense, against BK Marienlyst, and Nyborg G&IF lost the home match in Nyborg against the other league championship contender B 1909 witb the score 0–5.[13] These results meant that the top two clubs (B 1909 and B 1913) and the two bottom teams (BK Marienlyst and Nyborg G&IF) in the league were now equal on points and additional matches had to be scheduled to determine their final positions the league table.

League table[edit]

A total of six teams were contesting the league, including 5 sides from the 1925–26 season and one team, BK Marienlyst, promoted from the 1925–26 FBUs B-række. Every team played two games against each other team, one at home and one away. Teams received two points for a win and one point for a draw. If two or more teams were tied on points, places were determined by goal average unless this concerned the Funen Championship, national championship or qualification for promotion/relegation play-offs, in which case replay matches were scheduled. The team with the most points were crowned champions, while the team with the least points would enter a promotion/relegation play-off.

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GR Pts Promotion, qualification or relegation
1 B 1909 (C) 10 5 3 2 29 18 1.611 13[a] Qualification for the 1926–27 Landsfodboldturneringen, Provin. semi-finals & 1927–28 Danmarksmesterskabsturneringen
2 B 1913 10 6 1 3 31 18 1.722 13[a] Qualification for the 1927–28 Danmarksmesterskabsturneringen
3 Odense BK 10 5 1 4 26 21 1.238 11
4 Svendborg BK 10 3 3 4 24 27 0.889 9
5 BK Marienlyst 10 3 1 6 20 36 0.556 7[b]
6 Nyborg G&IF (O) 10 2 3 5 24 34 0.706 7[b] Qualification to the Promotion/Relegation play-offs
Updated to match(es) played on 6 August 2017. Source: [6][7][14][8]
Rules for classification: 1) Points
(C) Champion; (O) Play-off winner.
  1. ^ a b B 1909 and B 1913 both finished level on points at the top of the final table. Two replay matches to determine the Funen Championship were played and the title was eventually awarded to B 1909.
  2. ^ a b BK Marienlyst and Nyborg G&IF both finished level on points at the bottom of the final table. An additional match was played to determine who would participate in the promotion/relegation play-offs.


Team photo of B 1909, the winners of the 1926/27-season of FBUs Mesterskabsrække. Back row (standing from left to right): Knud Michelsen, Hans Petersen (nicknamed "Hanse"), Hubert Møller, Aage Larsen, Creutz Jensen, Edmund Christensen (reserve player; nicknamed "Lunte"). Front row (sitting from left to right): Aksel Petersen, Jens Nielsen, Emil Sundahl, Emil Petersen (nicknamed "Tip Top"), Carl Johan Johansen. Missing from the regular league line-up is Aage Hansen.[14][15]
Home \ Away B09 B13 BKM NGI OBK SBK
B 1909 4–1 4–1 5–1 1–0 1–2
B 1913 3–3
BK Marienlyst 2–5
Nyborg G&IF 1–1 0–5 4–4
Odense BK 3–1 6–1 4–1
Svendborg BK 4–4 4–4
Updated to match(es) played on 8 August 2017. Source: [16][13][12][17]
Colours: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.
For coming matches, an a indicates there is an article about the match.

Season statistics[edit]

Top scorers[edit]

B 1909's top scorer in the league became Creutz Jensen with 13 goals followed by Emil Petersen with 6 goals.[6][16]

Rank Player Club Goals
Denmark Creutz Jensen B 1909 13
Denmark Emil Petersen B 1909 6


Player For Against Result Date Ref
Denmark Creutz Jensen B 1909 Nyborg G&IF 5–1 (H) 20 March 1927 [16]
Denmark Creutz Jensen B 1909 BK Marienlyst 5–2 (U) 27 March 1927 [16]
Denmark Creutz Jensen4 B 1909 B 1913 4–1 (H) 10 April 1927 [16]
  • 4 Player scored 4 goals

Funen Championship replays[edit]

B 1909 and B 1913 both finished level on points at the top of the final table. A replay match was scheduled at a neutral playing field, Munke Mose (OB's Bane; field owned by Odense BK), to determine Funen Championship, which ended in a 2–2 tie after the ordinary playing time (with the 1–1 in each half) and 3–3 tie after extra time (two times 15 minutes following).[7][14][18] To determine the championship during this match, an additional 15 minutes was played with an early implementation of the golden goal rule (g.e.t.) — the first team to score a goal wins the match — but no more goals were scored.[18] A second replay match was played, which was eventually won by B 1909, who were crowned Fynsmestre that season. The last matches of the Funen Championship saw an unprecedented number of spectators to a competitive match on Funen, with the close run of the replays attracting a new attendance record of around 3,000 spectators.[7][14][19] The league matches between the two teams were attended by 1,000 and 1,100 spectators during the season.[16] In the second replay match, B 1909 won 3–2 and secured the championship (Fynsmesterskabet), being crowned Fynsmestre (English: Funen Champions), after a 3–0 lead shortly into the second half.[14][10][11]

1st Replay
B 1909 3 – 3 (a.e.t. and g.e.t.) B 1913
  • Emil Petersen Goal 31' (pen)
  • Carl Johan Johansen Goal 53'
  • Hans Pedersen Goal 1st half (a.e.t.)'
  • Albert Fischer Goal 4?'
  • Carl Hansen Goal 59'
  • Carl Hansen Goal 1st half (a.e.t.)'
OB's Bane at Munke Mose, Odense
Attendance: 3,000
Referee: ? Nilsson (Copenhagen)
2nd Replay
B 1909 3 – 2 B 1913
  • Creutz Jensen Goal 4?'
  • Carl Johan Johansen Goal 44'
  • Creutz Jensen Goal 47'
  • Carl Hansen Goal 67'
  • Henry Ludvigsen Goal 70'
OB's Bane at Munke Mose, Odense
Attendance: 3,000
Referee: ? Nilsson (Copenhagen)

Promotion/Relegation play-offs[edit]

BK Marienlyst and Nyborg G&IF both finished level on points in the table and a qualification play-off match was scheduled to determine the team, that was going to participate in the promotion/relegation play-off. Nyborg G&IF (NG&IF) lost the replay match 4–2, with the score 2–1 in each half, and therefore met the winners of the 1926–27 FBUs A-række, Middelfart G&IK (MG&IK), for a spot in the next season of the FBUs Mesterskabsrække.[9][21][18][19] Nyborg G&IF won the promotion/relegation play-off match against Middelfart G&IK and both clubs therefore remained in their respective tiers for the 1927/28–season.[11]

Relegation play-off qualifier
Nyborg G&IF 2 – 4 BK Marienlyst
  • n/a Goal 1st half'
  • Peter Knudsen Goal 2nd half'
  • n/a Goal 1st half'
  • n/a Goal 1st half'
  • n/a Goal 2nd half'
  • n/a Goal 2nd half'
OB's Bane at Munke Mose, Odense
Referee: Lauritz Jørgensen
Promotion/relegation play-off
Nyborg G&IF 4 – 0 Middelfart G&IK
  • n/a Goal n/a'
  • n/a Goal n/a'
  • n/a Goal n/a'
  • n/a Goal n/a'
OB's Bane at Munke Mose, Odense


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