1926–27 French Rugby Union Championship

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1926–27 French Rugby Union Championship
Countries  France
Champions Toulouse
Runners-up Stade Français

The 1926–27 French Rugby Union Championship of first division was won by Toulouse that beat Stade Français in the final.

Le Stade Toulousain conquest his fifth Bouclier de Brennus in six year.


The 1927 Five Nations Championship was won by Ireland and by Scotland, the France was last.

First round[edit]

The first tweo of each pool admitted to next round.

It was assigned 3 points for victory, 2 for draw, 1 for lost match, 0 point in case of forfeit.

Tie-Break: GrenobleHendaye 12–10

Tie-Break: Narbonne Lourdes 6–3

Tie-Break: :RacingLyon OU 19 – 6

Second round[edit]

The winner of each group admitted to semifinals

  • Pool A :
    Toulouse 8 pts
    Carcassone8 pts
    Racing Paris 5 pts
    UA Libourne 3 pts
    Tie-Break: :Toulouse – AS Carcassone 6–0
  • Pool B :
    Pau 9 pts
    Stadoceste 7 pts
    Albi 5 pts
    Béziers 3 pts
  • Pool C :
    SA Bordeaux' 8 pts
    US Perpignan 7 pts
    Cognac 5 pts
    Quillan 4 pts
  • Pool D :
    Stade Français 7 pts
    Lézignan 7 pts
    Narbonne 7 pts
    Grenoble 3 pts
    Stade Français.- Narbonne 10 a 8
    Stade Français- FC Lézignan 11 a 5


May 1926 Toulouse - SA Bordeaux 34–9 Pau
May 1926 Stade Français - Pau 12–0 Bordeaux


Teams ToulouseStade Français
Score 19–9 (5–5)
Date 29 May 1927
Venue Stade des Ponts Jumeaux, Toulouse
Referee Louis Capelle
Toulouse Gabriel Serres, Gabriel Gras, Gabriel Griotteray, André Camel, Pierre Peyronnel, Alex Bioussa, Maurice Latrille, Marcel Camel, Bernard Bergès, René Corbarieu, Clément Dulaurens, François Borde, René Salinié, François Raymond, Louis Magnol
Stade Français Pierre Lassau, René Laffond, Paul Olivary, Chaya Leib Herzowitz, Richard Majérus, Branca, Pierre Moureu, Jean Duhau, Georges Daudignon, André Verger, Adolphe Jauréguy, Jean Saint-Germain, Henri Bernadac, Robert Houdet, Louis Courtejaire
Toulouse 5 tries Dulaurens (2), Borde, Bergès, A.Camel
2 conversions de Salinié
Stade Français 1 try Daudignon
1 conversion de Herzowitz
1 drop de Verger

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