1926–27 KBUs A-række

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KBUs A-række
Season 1926–27
Dates Fall 1926 – spring 1927
(regular season)
16–28 June 1927
Champions Handelsstandens BK (1st title)
Promoted none
Relegated none
Matches played 55
Total number of matches and goals played does not include the promotion/relegation play-offs.

The 1926–27 KBUs A-række (administratively known as Senior Række A 1, 1926/27) was the 21st season of the KBUs A-række – the second tier of the Copenhagen football league structure organised by the Kjøbenhavns Boldspil-Union (KBU). The season was launched in the fall of 1926 and the final matches were played in the spring of 1927 with the promotion/relegation play-off matches being held on 16–28 June 1927. BK Fremad Amager were the defending league winners, and managed to earn promotion to the 1926–27 KBUs Mesterskabsrække replacing KFUMs BK, that had been relegated to this season of the KBUs A-række.[1] The winner of the league would automatically qualify for the inaugural season of the new Danish Championship play-off structure, the 1927–28 Danmarksmesterskabsturneringen i Fodbold and for promotion/relegation play-off matches against the lowest placed team of the 1926–27 KBUs Mesterskabsrække for a spot in the 1927–28 KBUs Mesterskabsrække.[2] The winners and runners-up at the end of the season would also qualify for the 1927 KBUs Pokalturnering.[3]

The winners of the league were Handelsstandens BK (HB), which was their first KBUs A-række league title, with Østerbros BK (ØB) as the runners-up for the second season in a row.[4] Compared to the 1925–26 KBUs A-række, Boldklubben Velo did not participate this season, decreasing the number of teams in the league from 12 to 11. The newly relegated team from the KBUs Mesterskabsrække, KFUMs BK, provided one of the players (Einard Larsen) for the KBU selected team (Unionshold) that played in the last edition of the Sylow-Tournament, organised by the Danish FA (DBU), in the fall of 1926.[5] According to the tournament's rules, BK Standard finished at the bottom of the league table and hence, as an extraordinary member of the league, entered into promotion/relegation play-off matches against the winner of the 1926–27 KBUs B-række, Christianshavns BK.[6] Winning the first match, BK Standard managed to win the play-off match, securing their spot in the next season of KBUs A-række.[7]

Season summary[edit]

KFUMs BK's first league match since their relegation from the 1925–26 KBUs Mesterskabsrække was lost 1–3 against Frederiksberg BK.[8] While Østerbros BK won all their matches in the fall season, the team had an much more unstable spring season, but kept themselves in the race for the title.[9] Handelsstandens BK secured their first league title on 22 May 1927 by winning their match against BK Standard.[10]

During the fall of 1926, BK Standard was a weak team due to their losing streak, but during the spring season, they managed to become a stronger team with more wins, including a 5–5 draw against KFUMs BK.[11] As a result of their improvements, they was regarded by a newspaper as the team most likely to win the relegation/promotion play-off against Christianshavns BK.[12]

League table[edit]

A total of 11 teams were contesting the league, including 10 sides from the 1925–26 season and one relegated from the 1925–26 KBUs Mesterskabsrække. No team was promoted from the 1925–26 KBUs B-række. Every team played one game against each other team, either one at home or away. Teams received two points for a win and one point for a draw. If two or more teams were tied on points, places were determined by goal average. The team with the most points were crowned winners of the league and entered a promotion play-off, while the team with the least points would enter a relegation play-off against the winner of Copenhagen third-tier league in the 1926–27 KBUs B-række.

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GR Pts Promotion, qualification or relegation
1 Handelsstandens BK (C) 10 8 1 1 28 12 2.333 17 Qualification for the Promotion play-offs, 1927 KBUs Pokalturnering & 1927–28 Danmarksmesterskabsturneringen
2 Østerbros BK 10 7 2 1 34 19 1.789 16 Qualification for the 1927 KBUs Pokalturnering
3 Hellerup IK 10 6 1 3 42 16 2.625 13
4 KFUMs BK 10 4 3 3 34 21 1.619 11
5 B 1908 10 5 1 4 31 25 1.240 11
6 BK Viktoria 10 5 0 5 31 16 1.938 10
7 Frederiksberg BK 10 4 0 6 20 32 0.625 8
8 BK Borup 10 2 2 6 19 37 0.514 6
8 BK Union 10 3 0 7 27 34 0.794 6
8 Valby BK 10 3 0 7 17 40 0.425 6
8 BK Standard (O) 10 2 2 6 24 45 0.533 6 Qualification to the Relegation play-offs
Updated to match(es) played on 21 July 2017. Source: [13][14][15][16][1][4][2][17]
Rules for classification: 1) Points 2) Head-to-head goal average
(C) Champion; (O) Play-off winner.


Handelsstandens BK 2–0
Østerbros BK 5–1
Hellerup IK 1–2 2–0
KFUMs BK 5–5
B 1908
BK Viktoria
Frederiksberg BK 3–1 4–2
BK Borup
BK Union 1–5 5–2 5–2 1–2
Valby BK 3–1
BK Standard
Updated to match(es) played on 21 July 2017. Source: [15][11][9][18][10][19][20][21][22][23]
Colours: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.
For coming matches, an a indicates there is an article about the match.

Relegation play-offs[edit]

The winners of the 1926–27 KBUs B-række, Christianshavns Boldklub (CB), was scheduled to play a promotion/relegation play-off match against the lowest placed team in the 1926–27 KBUs A-række, which were BK Standard and BK Borup.[13][14][24] Unlike BK Borup, BK Standard was an extraordinary member of the league this season, and due to tournament's rules had to play the relegation match.[25][12][11] The rules, that had been implemented by the Copenhagen FA effective from the beginning of the 1923–24 season, were designed so that winner of the 1926–27 KBUs B-række had to obtain at least three points (two points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss) over the course of two play-off matches in order for the team to gain promotion.[26] The first play-off match was played on 28 June 1927 19:15 CEST at the exhibition field on Sundby Idrætspark (also referred to as Banen ved Englandsvej or Amagers Idrætsanlæg) — originally the match was scheduled for 23 June 19:00 CEST, but moved by the request of both clubs.[6][27][28]

BK Standard's team line-up for the match consisted of Jens Kastberg (goalkeeper), Peter Kastberg, Svend Ekelund, Knud Mortensen, Sydney Ford, Gahms Henriksen, Poul Jacobsen, H. Chr. Henriksen, Lund Henriksen, Edwin Petersen and Henry Jensen, while Christianhavns BK's team line-up consisted of Harly Andersen (goalkeeper), E. Eklund, Kay Pedersen, A. Hjorth, Einer Nielsen, Karl Jensen, Henry Nielsen, Salomon Nielsen, O. Møller, Axel Larsen, Chr. Rasmussen.[12][29] Christianshavns BK lost 3–1 in the first play-off match, that was attended by 2,000 spectators, where the players switched sides directly after the first half without a 15 minutes break, and where the score was 1–1 only 5 minutes before full-time.[7][29] Hence Christianshavns BK did not manage to obtain a promotion to the 1927–28 KBUs A-række, while BK Standard secured their spot in the next season of KBUs A-række.[24][25]

BK Standard 3 – 1 Christianhavns BK
  • H. Chr. Henriksen Goal 15'
  • Lund Henriksen Goal 85'
  • Henry Jensen Goal 88'
  • Salomon Nielsen Goal 40'
Attendance: 2,000
Referee: Vilhelm Jørgensen (B 1903)


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