1926 Bulgarian State Football Championship

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Bulgarian State Football Championship
Season 1926
Champions Vladislav Varna

The 1926 Bulgarian State Football Championship was the third edition of the competition. It was contested by 11 teams, and Vladislav Varna won the championship.

Qualified teams[edit]

There was a change in the competition. The six regional sports federations were disbanded and several "okrazhni sportni oblasti" (Bulgarian: окръжни спортни области, lit. 'regional sports district'), covering lesser area than their predecessors, were created on their place. Again, the winners from each OSO qualifyed for the State championship.

OSO Team
Varnenska OSO Vladislav Varna
Shumenska OSO Sokol Shumen
Rusenska OSO Levski Ruse
Tarnovska OSO Etar Tarnovo[Note 1]
Plevenska OSO no representative
Vrachanska OSO Orel Vratsa
Bdinska OSO no representative
Sofiyska OSO Slavia Sofia
Rilska OSO Levski Dupnitsa
Plovdivska OSO Botev Pazardzhik
Haskovska OSO Borislav Borisovgrad[Note 2]
Starozagorska OSO Beroya Stara Zagora
Primorska OSO Chegan Burgas

First Round[edit]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Sokol Shumen 6–0 Etar Tarnovo
Slavia Sofia 9–1 Levski Dupnitsa
Botev Pazardzhik 4–0 Beroya Stara Zagora
Chegan Burgas 4–1 Borislav Borisovgrad

Quarter finals[edit]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Vladislav Varna 9–0 Chegan Burgas
Levski Ruse 1–0 Sokol Shumen
Botev Pazardzhik 5–1 Orel Vratsa


Team 1  Score  Team 2
Vladislav Varna 5–1 Levski Ruse
Botev Pazardzhik 2–6 Slavia Sofia


The final, played on 22 August 1926,[Note 3] with the replays on 23 Aug 1926, 26 Dec 1926 and 7 Apr 1927:

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Slavia Sofia 1–1 Vladislav Varna
Team 1  Score  Team 2
Slavia Sofia npd Vladislav Varna
Team 1  Score  Team 2
Slavia Sofia npd Vladislav Varna
Team 1  Score  Team 2
Slavia Sofia 0–3 awd Vladislav Varna


  1. ^ The contemporary name of Tarnovo is Veliko Tarnovo.
  2. ^ The contemporary name of Borisovgrad is Parvomay.
  3. ^ As per regulations, the final was to be replayed again in Sofia the following day. The teams were present, but the appointed referee didn't show up. BNSF immediately found among the crowd and appointed a new referee. Vladislav on their turn chose their own referee, however he declined to be in charge of the game. Nevertheless Vladislav refused to play with the BNSF appointed substitute referee and left the field. Slavia were duly awarded the match and the title. Vladislav however challenged this decision in court, and their appeal won. Because of this BNSF had to comply and a new match was scheduled for 26 Dec 1926. Both teams agreed to this, but Sofiyska OSO forbid Slavia to play as they felt the decision to revoke the awarded title was unjust. New arguments ensued and yet another date for the replay was set - 7 Apr 1927. Slavia though again complied with the decision by SOSO and boycotted the game. Because of this, this time the championship title was finally awarded to Vladislav.