1926 New Zealand census

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Eighteenth census of
the Dominion of New Zealand
General information
Country Dominion of New Zealand
Date taken 20 April 1926
Total population 1,408,140[1]
Percent change Increase 10.73[1]
Annual percent change 2.06[1]

The 1926 New Zealand census was the eighteenth national population census. The day used for the census was Tuesday, 20 April 1926.[2] The total population of the Dominion of New Zealand was counted as 1,408,140, an increase of 136,473 people or 10.73% since the 1921 census.[1]

The New Zealand and South Seas International Exhibition was held during the census and due to its large visitor numbers (for example, on 1 May 1926, 84,000 visitors were counted at the exhibition), the results of the census were skewed.[3]


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