1926 in Turkey

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Events in the year 1926 in Turkey.[1]



Ruling party and the main opposition[edit]



  • 1 January –Turkey began using international calendar and timing instead of the traditional one
  • 17 February – Civil code
  • 1 March – Modern criminal code
  • 18 March – A magnitude 6.9 earthquake, with a maximum intensity of VIII (Severe), occurs in the Mediterranean Sea southwest of Kaş in the Antalya Province. Some people are killed.[2]
  • 11 April – Partial mobilization as a precaution after a speech of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini
  • 19 April – Modern Cabotage law
  • 22 April – Modern Obligations code
  • 29 May – Modern Commercial code
  • 5 June – Treaty concerning the future of Mosul (Which was a part of Turkey at the end of World War I but annexed by the United Kingdom during the armistice day follawing the war.)
  • 15 June – A plot to assassinate Mustafa Kemal was uncovered in İzmir
  • 20 June – Crisis between the prime minister İsmet İnönü and the special court abuut the court's right to arrest of Kazım Karabekir who was a MP. (Mustafa Kemal mediated and the crisis ended on the 5th of July)
  • 2 August – The French S.S. Lotus collided with the Turkish S.S. Bozkurt.
  • 6 October – First airplane factory in Kayseri
  • 12 October – Lotus issue was brought to international courts (see 2 August)
  • 22 October – The 6.0 MsKars earthquake occurs with a maximum Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent). The shock was close to the border and affected both Turkey and Armenia, leaving 360 people dead





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