1927 All-Big Ten Conference football team

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The 1927 All-Big Ten Conference football team consists of American football players selected to the All-Big Ten Conference teams chosen by various selectors for the 1927 Big Ten Conference football season.

All Big-Ten selections[edit]


  • Bennie Oosterbaan, Michigan (AP-1, CDN-1, HJ-1; UP-1; WE-1)
  • Waldo A. Fisher, Northwestern (AP-1, CDN-1, HJ-1; UP-1; WE-3)
  • Ken Haycraft, Minnesota (AP-2, HJ-2; WE-1)
  • Garland Grange, Illinois (AP-2, CDN-2; WE-2)
  • Don Cameron, Wisconsin (HJ-2)
  • LeRoy G. Heston, Michigan (CDN-2)
  • Robert E. Tanner, Minnesota (WE-2)
  • Herman Z. Nyland, Michigan (WE-3)


  • Leo Raskowski, Ohio State (AP-1, CDN-1, HJ-1; UP-1; WE-1)
  • Butch Nowack, Illinois (AP-1, CDN-1, HJ-2; WE-1)
  • Mike Gary, Minnesota (AP-2, HJ-1; UP-1; WE-3)
  • Spike Nelson, Iowa (AP-2, CDN-2, HJ-2; WE-2)
  • Lewis, Minnesota (CDN-2)
  • Stanley Binish, Wisconsin (WE-2)
  • Norman Gabel, Michigan (WE-3)


  • Ray Baer, Michigan (AP-1, CDN-1, HJ-1; UP-1; WE-1)
  • Harold W. Hanson, Minnesota (AP-1, HJ-2; WE-2)
  • John R. Matthews, Indiana (AP-2; WE-1)
  • George Gibson, Minnesota (AP-2)
  • Ernest W. Schultz, Illinois (HJ-2)
  • Justin Whitlock Dart, Northwestern (CDN-1)
  • Wilbert O. Catterton, Indiana (CDN-2)
  • Russell J. Crane, Illinois (CDN-2; WE-2)
  • Weaver, Chicago (WE-3)
  • Carroll Ringwalt, Indiana (WE-3)


  • Ken Rouse, Chicago (AP-1, CDN-1, HJ-1 [guard]; UP-1; WE-1)
  • Robert Reitsch, Illinois (AP-2, CDN-2, HJ-1; UP-1; WE-2)
  • Clare Randolph, Indiana (HJ-2)
  • George E. MacKinnon, Minnesota (WE-3)


  • Harold "Shorty" Almquist, Minnesota (AP-1 [halfback], CDN-1, HJ-1; UP-1; WE-1)
  • Edwin Crofoot, Wisconsin (AP-1, CDN-2, HJ-2; UP-2 [halfback])
  • Byron Eby, Ohio State (AP-2)
  • Vic Gustafson, Northwestern (UP-2)
  • Harold Barnhart, Minnesota (WE-2)
  • Carl Pignatelli, Iowa (UP-3)
  • Fred Grim, Ohio State (WE-3)


  • Louis Gilbert, Michigan (AP-1, CDN-1, HJ-1; UP-1; WE-1)
  • Jud Timm, Illinois (AP-2, CDN-1, HJ-1; UP-1; WE-1)
  • Chester "Cotton" Wilcox, Purdue (AP-2; UP-2)
  • Malvin Nydahl, Minnesota (HJ-2; WE-3)
  • Ralph Welch, Purdue (CDN-2, HJ-2; WE-2)
  • Mendenhall, Chicago (CDN-2)
  • Paul Armil, Iowa (UP-3)
  • Chuck Bennett, Indiana (UP-3; WE-2)
  • Gene H. Rose, Wisconsin (WE-3)


  • Herb Joesting, Minnesota (AP-1, CDN-1, HJ-1; UP-1; WE-1)
  • Tiny Lewis, Northwestern (AP-2, CDN-2, HJ-2; UP-2)
  • George E. Rich, Michigan (WE-2)
  • Fred Humbert, Illinois (UP-3)
  • Abraham Koransky, Purdue (WE-3)


AP = Associated Press[1]

CDN = Chicago Daily News[2]

HJ = Harold Johnson for the Chicago Evening American[2]

UP = United Press, chosen by UP correspondent Clark B. Kelsey "in collaboration with a dozen football writers in Big Ten territory"[3]

WE = Walter Eckersall[4]

Bold = Consensus first-team selections of a majority of the AP, UP and Eckersall

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