1927 English Greyhound Derby

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1927 English Greyhound Derby
LocationWhite City Stadium
1928 →

The 1927 Greyhound Derby took place during October 1927 with the final being held on 15 October 1927 at White City Stadium. The competition was inaugurated by the Greyhound Racing Association and the prize money was substantial with £1,000 and a gold cup given to the winner, £300 to the runner-up and £100 to third place.[1] This greyhound racing event began with heats at regional level, with winners progressing to a Northern final and Southern final prior to a national final at White City. The Derby would soon be established as the most significant race in UK greyhound racing.[2]


The first three in each of the Northern and Southern finals were invited to the final, which was run at White City over a distance of 500 yards (460 m). The qualifiers from the Northern final were Great Chum, Elder Brother and Banderloo but Great Chum was replaced by Derham Boy for the final because of illness. The Southern final was won by Entry Badge by four lengths in a time of 29.20 seconds.[1]

This was the first ever Derby final and was held on 15 October 1927. It was won in a time of 29.01 seconds by Entry Badge, a brindled dog weighing 66 pounds (30 kg), trained by Joe Harmon and owned by Edwin Baxter. Ever Bright came second, six lengths behind. Baxter owned the first three home.[3]

Entry Badge, who had cost Baxter 40 guineas, was a granddaughter of a great coursing dog called Hopsack.[3]

Final result[edit]

At White City (over 500 yards):[4]

Pos Name of Greyhound Breeding Trap SP Time Trainer
1st Entry Badge Jamie - Beaded Nora 5 1-4f 29.01 Joe Harmon (White City - London)
2nd Ever Bright Jocks Lodge -Beautiful Style 1 100-6 29.49 John 'Jack' Kennedy (Harringay)
3rd Elder Brother Skeets - Beaded Fly 4 100-8 29.53 Jack Rimmer (Liverpool)
4th Toftwood Millsack Harbuckle - Haversack 3 10-1 29.55 Harry Buck (Harringay)
5th Derham Boy (Reserve) Hill Sixty II - Crosswell Belle 2 20-1 29.79 Hughes (Powderhall)
6th Banderloo Nefarious Nettle - Gally Lass 6 100-8 29.87 J Buck (Belle Vue)
N/R Great Chum Woon - Chronic Cough J Buck (Belle Vue)


6, ½, head, 3, 1 (lengths)
The distances between the greyhounds are in finishing order and shown in lengths. From 1927-1950 one length was equal to 0.06 of one second but race times are shown as 0.08 as per modern day calculations.[5]

Semi finals[edit]

+ Called in as reserve for the final

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