1927 French Grand Prix

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The 1927 French Grand Prix (formally the XXI Grand Prix de l'A.C.F.) was a Grand Prix motor race held at Monthlèry on 3 July 1926. The race was held over 48 laps of a 12.50 km course for a total distance of 600.00 km. The race was won by Robert Benoist driving a Delage.


The World Championship was carried out for the third time in 1927. The regulations remained more or less the same as in 1926 with minor changes reported for the 1927 World Championship. On October 27, 1926, the AIACR & CSI debated at their Paris meetings the regulations and announced for 1927 that the 1.5-liter formula would remain only until the end of 1927 because of the bad experiences made so far, to be relieved with the free formula for 1928. The minimum weight was increased from 600 to 700 kg. The supercharger was allowed and the two-seat body remained for 1927, though single-seat bodied cars would be allowed as long as the body showed a minimum width of 80 cm to be measured at the seat area for a height of not less than 25 cm. The minimum distance for the great international races was now fixed at 600 km.[1][2]


Pos No Driver Car Laps Time/Retire
1 6 France Robert Benoist Delage 155B 48 4h45m41.2
2 12 France Edmond Bourlier Delage 155B 48 4h53m55.6
3 18 France André Morel Delage 155B 48 5h11m31.4
SHR 10 United Kingdom "Williams" Talbot 700 48 5h24m30.0
SHR 10 France Jules Moriceau Talbot 700 48 5h24m30.0
NC 16 France Louis Wagner Talbot 700 42 Engine
NC 2 United Kingdom George Eyston Halford 36 +12 laps
Ret 4 France Albert Divo Talbot 700 23 Supercharger
DNA 8 France André Dubonnet Bugatti 39A Car not competitive
DNA 14 Italy Emilio Materassi Bugatti 39A Car not competitive
DNA 20 France Jules Goux Bugatti 39A Car not competitive
DNA Czech Republic Elisabeth Junek Bugatti 39A Did not appear
DNA Italy Conelli Bugatti 39A Did not appear
DNP France Jules Moriceau Talbot 700 Reserve driver
DNP France Robert Senechal Delage 155B Reserve driver
DNP Italy Caberto Conelli Reserve driver

Fastest Lap: Robert Benoist, 5m41.0 (131.96 km/h)

Note - Starting grid based on car number order, positions being drawn. 3x3 formation.


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