1927 KBUs Pokalturnering

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1927 KBUs Pokalturnering
Copenhagen Cup
Country Denmark
Dates 28 August – 6 November 1927
Championship venue Københavns Idrætspark, Copenhagen
Teams 8
Defending champions B.93 (1926)
Champions BK Frem (2nd title)
Runners-up B.93
Matches played 8
Goals scored 50 (6.25 per match)
Attendance 40,000 (5,000 per match)
Top goal scorer(s) Børge Mørch (B.93)
Pauli Jørgensen (BK Frem)
(5 goals each)
Match action during the 1927 KBUs Pokalturnering final — showing BK Frem's back Carl Johansen at work. Behind him, B.93's forward, Børge Mørch, with BK Frem's goalkeeper Niels Hansen on his knees.

The 1927 KBUs Pokalturnering (Unofficial English translation: 1927 KBU Cup, 1927 Copenhagen Cup) was the 18th edition of the regional tournament, KBUs Pokalturnering, the highest senior cup competition organized by the regional football organization Copenhagen FA (KBU). The tournament was held in the fall of 1927 with B.93 as the defending cup champions. BK Frem won the 1927 edition by defeating the previous season's cup champions, B.93, 3–2 in the final after 3–0 lead halfway through the second half and an overall even match, played at Københavns Idrætspark on 6 November 1927, which was the BK Frem's second championship in the tournament after seven appearances in the final.[1][2][3] The 8 participants in the tournament included the six members of the 1926–27 KBUs Mesterskabsrække and the two highest placed teams from the 1926–27 KBUs A-række.

The team line-up of Kjøbenhavns BK in the cup match against Akademisk BK consisted mostly of new and young players.[4][5] The winners, Handelsstandens BK, of the 1926–27 KBUs A-række, the second-tier league under Kjøbenhavns Boldspil-Union, managed to reach the second round by defeating the runners-up of the Copenhagen second level league, Østerbros BK, before eventually being eliminated by Østerbro-based B.93.[1][3] The 1st round cup match between Østerbros BK and Handelsstandens BK at Københavns Idrætspark (Idrætsparkens Fodboldbane), for the first time in Danish football, featured numbers (1–22) placed high on back of all outfield players and on the chest of the goalkeepers, meant as a service for the spectators.[6][7][8] The experiment received mixed reviews by the newspapers.[6][7][8] The usage of numbered players at an official Danish game took place shortly after the first try at an unofficial preparation match in English football.[9]


Team Qualification
B.93 Winners of the 1926–27 KBUs Mesterskabsrække
B 1903 Runners-up of the 1926–27 KBUs Mesterskabsrække
Akademisk BK 3rd place of the 1926–27 KBUs Mesterskabsrække
BK Frem 4th place of the 1926–27 KBUs Mesterskabsrække
Kjøbenhavns BK 5th place of the 1926–27 KBUs Mesterskabsrække
BK Fremad Amager 6th place of the 1926–27 KBUs Mesterskabsrække
Handelsstandens BK Winners of the 1926–27 KBUs A-række
Østerbros BK Runners-up of the 1926–27 KBUs A-række



Quarter-finalsSemi-finalsCup Final
4 September 1927
Akademisk BK3
9 October 1927
Kjøbenhavns BK2
Akademisk BK3
28 August 1927
BK Frem5
BK Frem4
6 November 1927
BK Fremad Amager3
28 August 1927
BK Frem3
Østerbros BK3
23 October 1927
Handelsstandens BK4
Handelsstandens BK0
4 Sep and 10 Oct 1927
B 190320


Akademisk BK 3–2 Kjøbenhavns BK
  • Gabriel Ejrnæs Goal 5'
  • Gabriel Ejrnæs Goal 1st half'
  • Gabriel Ejrnæs Goal 2nd half'
  • Georg Thaarup Goal 1st half'
  • Oskar Jørgensen Goal 1st half'
Attendance: 3,000
Referee: Lauritz Andersen (BK Velo)

BK Frem 4–3 BK Fremad Amager
  • Knud Kastrup Goal 68'
  • Orla Rasmussen Goal 81'
  • Orla Rasmussen Goal 85'
Attendance: 3,000
Referee: Vilhelm Jørgensen (B 1903)

Østerbros BK 3–4 Handelsstandens BK
  • A. Neubert Goal 4?' (pen)
  • W. Nicolajsen Goal 47'
  • Ingvald Sørensen Goal 64'
  • Henning Nielsen Goal 15'
  • Ejner Nielsen Goal 17'
  • Henning Nielsen Goal 19'
  • Ole Olsen Goal 80'
Attendance: A few hundred
Referee: Poul Dreiøe (B.93)

B.93 2–2 B 1903
  • Erling Christensen Goal 2?'
  • Ernst Nilsson Goal 1st half'
1st Replay
B.93 2–0 B 1903
Attendance: 8,000
Referee: Lauritz Andersen (BK Velo)


Akademisk BK 3–5 BK Frem
  • Eyolf Kleven Goal 35'
  • Sigfred Jensen Goal 52'
  • Eyolf Kleven Goal 64'
Attendance: 4,000
Referee: Peter Remtoft (Copenhagen)

Handelsstandens BK 0–12 B.93
B.93's Bane at Øster Allé and St. James's Church, Østerbro
Attendance: 500
Referee: Vald. Nilsson

Cup Final[edit]

Match summary[edit]

Winners of the KBUs Pokalturnering 1927 — regular team line-up of BK Frem: Standing: Robert Jensen, Svend Hansen, Pauli Jørgensen, Kaj Uldaler, Carl Stoltz. Kneeling: Kaj Esdal, Kay Madsen, Eiler Holm. Sitting: Carl Johansen, Niels Hansen, Knud Christophersen.[23]

The match was refereed by Lauritz Andersen (affiliated with BK Velo), who had previously refereed two quarterfinal matches in the cup tournament.[24] The final match was played at Københavns Idrætspark for the fifth time in the tournament's history, on 6 November 1927. The draw concerning the right to choose the starting half of the football field was won by Pauli Jørgensen (BK Frem), over the opposing team captain Fritz Tarp (B.93), selecting the goal facing the west side, towards Øster Allé — the choice did not play any significant role during the match as there were no considerable sunlight or wind.[24] The field was reportedly very soft and during the first half, a short-lived breeze fell.[24]

The match, which was delayed 5 minutes, started at a high pace.[24] The first goal was conceived after only 5 minutes by BK Frem's Svend Hansen, when his shot from the right side of the field hit the right goal post projecting inside the net just next to the left goalpost, outside the reach of the 93's goalkeeper, Svend Jensen.[24] The 1–0 lead energizes the BK Frem players, but several attempts do not materialise into an additional goal.[24] After getting an accident with his knee in the 11th minute, BK Frem's Knud Christophersen have to temporarily leave the football field for three minutes to recover.[24] B.93 gets the upper hand with many and the most dangerous attacks with goals prevented safely by the BK Frem goalkeeper, Niels Hansen, while BK Frem are sentenced to several fouls committed in this period.[24] Unexpected, forward Carl Stoltz increase BK Frem's lead to 2–0 upon a powerful kick with him left foot towards the right goal post, placing a renewed pressure on the B.93 players.[24]

The second half took place mostly on the BK Frem's half of the field, where the B.93 players struggled to void the lead made by BK Frem.[24] After several B.93 attempts at the beginning of the second half, BK Frem gets an opportunity in the 63rd minute.[2] BK Frem's forward Robert Jensen shots the ball over Svend Jensen's head, hitting the right goal post farthest away, and bouncing into the goal net near the left goal post, increasing the lead to 3–0 – almost identical to the first BK Frem goal made in the first half.[24] B.93 decided to regroup, placing three of their players, Fritz Tarp as left innerwing, Børge Mørch as left half and Helge Scharff as right back, in positions, that they are not used to playing.[24] B.93 is awarded a corner on the left side after an error committed by BK Frem's defender, Eiler Holm.[24] The following corner kick ends up at Kaj Plaugmann, who makes one single move, and then shots the ball into the roof of the goal with his left foot, finally giving B.93 a goal in the match 4 minutes after BK Frem's last goal, reducing the overall score to 3–1.[24][2] For the remaining part of the second half, there are almost continuous attacks by the B.93's players.[24] With two minutes remaining of the match, B.93 gets their second and the last goal of an overall even match, once again made by Kaj Plaugmann.[24]

BK Frem hence won the 1927 edition of the KBUs Pokalturnering, and were crowned Copenhagen Cup Champions (Danish: KBU pokalmestre), by defeating the previous season's cup champions, B.93, 3–2 in the final after 3–0 lead almost two-thirds into the match, which was the BK Frem's second championship in the tournament after seven appearances in the final.[1][2][3] B.93's forward Børge Mørch and BK Frem's Pauli Jørgensen were highlighted as the best players on the field — though they did not score, they created the opportunities for their colleagues.[24] The Valby-team players celebrated the win in the evening at the Centralbanehotellet situated on Halmtorvet.[24]

Match details[edit]

B.93 2–3 BK Frem
  • Kaj Plaugmann Goal 68'88'
Attendance: 10-12,000
Referee: Lauritz Andersen (BK Velo)
BK Frem[23]
GK Svend Jensen
DF Fritz Tarp (captain)
DF Charles Jensen
MF Poul Zølck
MF Poul Jensen
MF Helge Scharff
FW Kaj Plaugmann
FW Michael Rohde
FW Børge Mørch
FW Anthon Olsen
FW Georg Hansen
B.93 vs BK Frem 1927-11-06.svg
GK Niels Hansen
DF Carl Johansen
DF Knud Christophersen
MF Eiler Holm
MF Kay Madsen
MF Kaj Esdal
FW Robert Jensen
FW Svend Hansen
FW Pauli Jørgensen (captain)
FW Kaj Uldaler
FW Carl Stoltz

Match rules

  • 90 minutes.
  • Replay match if scores level after full-time.

Top goalscorers[edit]

Rank Player Club Goals
1 Denmark Børge Mørch B.93 5
Denmark Pauli Jørgensen BK Frem


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