1928–29 French Rugby Union Championship

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1928–29 French Rugby Union Championship
Countries  France
Champions Quillan
Runners-up Lézignan
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1929-30 →

The 1928-29 French Rugby Union Championship of first division was won by Quillan that defeatet the Lézignan in the final.

The Championship was contesetd by 40 club divided in 8 gpools of five.

First round[edit]

In bold the club qualified to next round

Pool A
Pool B
Pool C
Pool D
Pool E
Pool F
Gruppo G 
Gruppo H 

Second round[edit]

In bold the club qualified to next round

Pool A
Pool B
Pool C
Pool D
Pool E
Gruppo F
Gruppo G 
Gruppo H 

Quarter of finals[edit]

1929 Lézignan - SBUC 17 - 5 Toulouse
1929 Béziers - Carcassonne 3 - 0 Narbone
1929 Agen - Perpignan 6 - 6
1929 Agen - Perpignan 15 - 4
1929 Quillan - Toulon 27 - 3


1929 Lézignan - Béziers 9 - 6
1929 Quillan - Agen 17 - 3 Bordeaux


Teams Quillan - Lézignan
Score 11-8 (3-0)
Date 19 May 1929
Venue Stade des Ponts Jumeaux, Toulouse
Referee André Jasmin
Quillan Jean Lladères, Marcel Soler, Marcel Baillette, René Bonnemaison, Jean Bonnet, Amédée Cutzach, François Corbin, Eugène Ribère, Pierre Pourrech, Jean Galia, André Rière, Germain Raynaud, Georges Delort, Georges Martres, Guy Flamand
Lézignan André Calmet, Michel Bigorre, Marius Dedieu, Robert Gachein, Pierre Cance, Louis Bès, Roger Llary, Antoine Wisser, Célestin Wisser, Arthur Boyer, Louis Haener, André Clady, Léon Duezo, Maurice Porra, Léopold Fabre
Quillan 3 tries Bonnet, Rière, Baillette
1 conversion de Ribère
Lézignan 2 tries Clady and Fabre
1 conversion de Clady

Other competitions[edit]

In the French Championship "Honneur" (Second division), Roanne beat Olympique de Carmaux in the final 11 - 0.

In the Promotion (3rd division), the FC Auscitain beat l'US 6 - 3.

In Fourth Division, the Club Amical de Morcenx beat Saint-Marcellin 16 - 0.

Le Stade Français was French Champion for 2nd XV, beating Biarritz 3 - 0.