1928 All-Southwest Conference football team

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The 1928 All-Southwest Conference football team consists of American football players chosen by various sports writers and officials for All-Southwest Conference teams for the 1928 college football season.

All Southwest selections[edit]


  • Redman Hume, SMU (Hop; NR-1; FH-2; GW-1)
  • Howard Grubbs, TCU (Legg-1; Em-2; NR-2; FH-1; PC)
  • Jake Wilson, Baylor (Legg-2; Em-1; LG-1; PC [HB])
  • Rees, Texas (FM)


  • Ross Love, Sr., SMU (Hop; Legg-1; NR-1; FH-1; GW-1; PC)
  • Virgil Gilliland, Baylor (Hop; Legg-1; Em-2; FH-2; GW-1)
  • Dexter Shelley, Texas (Em-1; FM [FB]; NR-2; LG-1)
  • Hughes, Texas (Em-2; NR-2; FH-1; LG-1)
  • Hume, SMU (Em-1; FM)
  • Perkins, Texas (Legg-2; NR-1; FH-2)
  • Hertin (Legg-2)


  • Garland 'Bevo' Beavers, Arkansas (Em-1; FM [HB]; NR-1; FH-1; GW-1; PC)
  • King, Texas (Hop; Legg-2; FH-2)
  • Herschel Burgess, Texas A&M (Legg-1)
  • Love, SMU (Em-2; LG-1)
  • Griffith (NR-2)


  • Bill Ford, Texas (Legg-1; Em-1; FM; NR-1; FH-1; LG-1; GW-1; PC)
  • Petty, Texas A&M (Em-1; FM; NR-1; FH-1; LG-1; GW-1; PC)
  • Wear Schoonover, Arkansas (Legg-1; Em-2; FH-2)
  • Rhoads, Texas (Hop; Legg-2)
  • Shaerdel, SMU (Hop)
  • Trigg (Legg-2; Em-2; NR-2; FH-2)
  • Lucas (NR-2)


  • Brown, Texas (Hop; Legg-1; Em-1; FM; NR-2; FH-1; LG-1; GW-1; PC)
  • Williams, TCU (Hop; Legg-1; Em-1; NR-1; FH-1; LG-1; GW-1; PC)
  • Griffin, Baylor (FM; NR-1; FH-2)
  • Moore (Legg-2)
  • Winters (Legg-2; NR-2)
  • Bartlett (Em-2)
  • Knippel, Rice (FH-2)


  • Choc Sanders, SMU (Hop; Legg-1; Em-1; NR-1; FH-2; LG-1; GW-1; PC)
  • Clyde Van Sickle, Arkansas (Legg-1; Em-2 [T]; NR-2; FH-1; LG-1; GW-1; PC)
  • Mike Brumbelow, TCU (Hop; Em-2; NR-1; FH-2)
  • Barton Koch, Baylor (Legg-2; Em-1; NR-2; FH-1)
  • Richter, Texas A&M (FM)
  • Creighton, Arkansas (FM)
  • Phillips (Legg-2)
  • Jones (Em-2)


  • Z. W. Bartlett, Texas A&M (NR-2; FH-1; LG-1; GW-1; PC)
  • Powell, SMU (Hop; Legg-1; Em-2)
  • Adkins, TCU (Em-1; NR-1; FH-2)
  • Wray, Texas (FM)
  • Burnett (Legg-2)


Hop = A. S. "Hop" Hopkins, sports editor Austin American[1]

Legg = Don Legg, sports editor Austin Statesman[1]

Em = Victor Emanuel, sports editor Galveston News[1]

FM = Fred Mosebach, sports editor San Antonio Express[1]

NR = Ned Record, sports editor Fort Worth Record-Telegram[1]

FH = Flem Hall, sports editor Fort Worth Star-Telegram[1]

LG = Lloyd Gregory, sports editor Houston Post-Dispatch[1]

GW = George White, sports editor Dallas News[1]

PC = Pete Cawthorn, Southwest Conference official[1]

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