1928 NCAA Wrestling Championships

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1928 NCAA Wrestling Championships
Tournament information
SportCollege wrestling
LocationAmes, Iowa
Host(s)Iowa Agricultural College
Venue(s)State Gymnasium
Final positions
ChampionsOklahoma A&M (unofficial)
1929 →

The 1928 NCAA Wrestling Championships were contested at the first annual NCAA-sponsored wrestling meet to determine the individual national champions of collegiate wrestling in the United States. The inaugural edition was hosted by the Iowa Agricultural College (now known as Iowa State) at State Gymnasium in Ames, Iowa.[1]

Unlike all later editions of the event, no team championship was awarded. A total of seven individual championships were awarded across seven corresponding weight classes. Oklahoma A&M, nonetheless, won four of the seven weight classes and have been subsequently deemed the 1928 unofficial national team champions.

Summary of results[edit]

Weight class Champion Team
115 Harold DeMarsh Oklahoma A&M
125 Ralph Lupton Northwestern
135 Arthur Holding Iowa Agricultural
145 Melvin Clodfelter Oklahoma A&M
158 Leslie Beers Iowa
175 George Rule Oklahoma A&M
Heavyweight Earl McCready Oklahoma A&M


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