1928 Railway Cup Hurling Championship

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1928 Railway Cup
Dates 12 February
– 17 March 1928
Teams Flag of Connacht.svg Connacht
Flag of Leinster.svg Leinster
Flag of Munster.svg Munster
Champions Flag of Munster.svg Munster (1st title)
Tournament statistics
Matches played 2
1927 (Previous) (Next) 1929

The 1928 Railway Cup Hurling Championship was the second series of the hurling Railway Cup. Two matches were played between 12 February and 17 March 1928, it was contested by Connacht, Leinster and Munster.

Munster were the winners for the first time.


Semi-final: (1 match) This was a single match between Connacht and Munster. One team was eliminated at this stage while the winning team advanced to the final.

Final: (1 match) This winners of the semi-final and Leinster, who received a bye to this stage, contested this game.


Railway Cup[edit]

Connacht 2–4 – 7–3 Munster

Munster 2–2 – 1–2 Leinster
J. J. Callanan (2-0)
T Considine (0-1)
P Cahill (0-1)
M Power (1-0)
N Fahy (0-1)
M Gill (0-1)
Referee: W. Walsh (Waterford)


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